• Pictures of the balloons we sent to Heaven from the gathering after the funeral.  Everyone signed a personal message to Brittany in permanent ink and then we let all the balloons fly up to Heaven.  It was very peaceful.



Our deepest thanks and appreciation to everyone who came to Brittany's memorial and funeral services. 

We can't thank you enough for your love and support.

And for those of you who couldn't make it but wanted to, please know we could feel that your love and spirit was with us.

In Loving Memory of Brittany Star Curcio

Family and friends joined together for a candlelight vigil

commemorating the one month anniversary of her passing.


The vigil was held at the accident site on

Bernardo Center Drive at 7:45 pm on May 24, 2005


Thank you for sharing this time with us.  Here are some photos from the vigil.



Star and Baylee

Baylee at her Sissy's vigil

Family & Friends gather to remember a beautiful daughter and friend.

Some flowers and memories

Family and Friends together

Family & Friends

Brittany's Dad, Tony & her brother Geoffrey - surrounded by loved ones

The heart of flowers arranged at the site of the car accident,

Coach Mandy and her daughters

Steve, Baylee, Greg & Star

Star - "A mother's heart"

The Memorial on Bernardo Center Drive


June 24th marks the two month anniversary of Brittany's passing.  The Curcio/Mumma family would like to invite you to join them at the accident site on Bernardo Center Drive on June 23rd at 11:00 am for a tree planting ceremony.  The community of 4S Ranch has agreed to plant a memorial tree in Brittany's honor.


Everyone is welcome to write a note to Brittany and drop it in with the tree as it is planted.  We hope to see you on Thursday, June 23th at 11:00 am for this very special anniversary and tribute.

The tree below was planted in Brittany's honor at the accident site.  Our deepest thanks to the community of 4S Ranch for their generous support.  Thanks to Elizabeth for taking the photos!






After the Funeral on May 2nd, Brittany's Dad Tony and her Great Uncle Sam arranged the flowers into a heart in rememberance of a most loving girl.

Brittany's Dad, Tony and a heart of flowers




El Camino Memorial Park

"Where our beautiful angel rests with her Grandma Jeri"

Eulogy at her Funeral Mass

Written & Read by Laura Nottebaum



Please bear with me as I attempt this Eulogy and letter with some composure and grace… 

I have never given a Eulogy before, but it is my understanding that you share a little bit about the person and maybe some personal memories, so here it goes.

 "Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh, and to be able to grow."

I met Brittany Star Curcio just after she turned 4. She was so little with these huge eyes and a voice that sounded exactly like Elmo. To this day I cannot watch an episode of Sesame Street without thinking of her. 

Brittany was an energetic girl with a contagious smile and piercing blue eyes. Though her time here on this earth was cut tragically short, her life was full and rich with experiences, love, laughter, family and dear friends.

She was very fun and creative, whether it was playing some kind of game or creating dishes in the kitchen. Like when she took the door off of one of those playhouses and she and my daughter Morgan sat on it and slid down the stairs, or when she had discovered another creation she could make with cheese ... man that girl loved cheese! Fortunately her love for cheese outlived her love for the Spice Girls!

She was very giving and generous at heart - giving of things and of herself, traits I know she inherited from her mother. Whether it was burning CD’s for her friends and family or teaching her sister Baylee a new cheer move, children were drawn to her. She just had this magnetic personality. And after being with her, for either a few minutes or days at a time, you left smiling or maybe even shaking your head sometimes thinking, “That Brittany” but you never left sad. 

She was goofy and girly and loved dressing up, playing with makeup, dancing around, TALKING ON THE PHONE, shopping, instant messaging, just hanging out with the people she loved. She would do whatever it would take to make you smile or cheer you up and if she said she was your friend, she meant it with all of her being.  

I think we all search, long for, and yearn for unconditional love and acceptance from our peers, family, co-workers, and whoever we encounter and value in our lives. She had that from the ones that loved her most and she’s living it in heaven with God and his angels that celebrated her arrival that Sunday morning. Brittany had a heart for Jesus; she loved him, believed in him and will now spend all eternity with him.

She would not want us to cry or be sad for more than a moment because Brittany would want us to laugh, smile, and to hold her memory close during this difficult time and always.

I think if Brittany could speak to you all one last time she would tell you she loves you she would mean it. She would tell you to make good choices, choices that would please God.  And when you look up to heaven know that she’s looking down at you too, watching you, walking with you and praying for you.

 It’s been an honor Brittany, watching you grow into such a special, unique, charismatic, loving young woman whom we will forever hold dear in our hearts.