Early Days of Cheer

A friend and former teammate of Brittany's named Nicole Rinehart sent some really cute photos of their competition year in Florida.  Check them out - how much fun is this?


Brittany in the her hotel room




Rancho Bernardo Pop Warner 2003 Midget Raptors

2003 National Cheerleading Championships - Orlando, Florida


Brittany with her teammates

Brittany celebrating & dancing with her friends - it didn't matter what place we came in - it was just so awesome to have made it to Nationals!

Brittany, Erica & Missee do the victory dance!!

Entering the Milk House for Ceremonies

Let's hear it for the Raptors!!

1-2-3 Go RB!!!

Wow!! Look at the size of this crowd!!

Coach Suzanne enters with her team

Look at our families & friends out in the crowd cheering us on!! Hi Jeanne Daniel!!

L-R, bottom - Alexis, Valerie, Hailey, Torrey

Where's Waldo?

Torrey & Kelly

Rosie, Hope, Alyssa, Jill, and Brittany Grant in the background

Kristin & Rosie

Erica & Missee

Kristin (background), Heather & Sharrah

Kelly & Brittany

The hidden Mickey Mouse up in the Rafters

Sharrah & Haley - Nice Facials!

Amanda & Kristin

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Joy & Nicole

L-R, Front - Stephanie, Britta, Alexa,

L-R, Back: Kodi, Jordan & Mary

Sharrah, Suzanne & Haley

Joy & Dot Hafer

Janet & Justine

Michelle & Diane Winters

Nicole & Kathy Rinehart

We've got spirit - Yes we do!!

(L-R, bottom) Team Mom Diane, Coach Christine (JPW), Janet Hutchinson - RBPW Pres.

(L-R, top) Asst. Coach Dot, Asst. Coach Kathy & Head Coach Suzanne

L-R, Bottom - Jill, Alyssa, Hope,

L-R, Top - Alyson, Kristin, Rosie

Joy Hafer and her sweet smile

Did we place????

Justine and Joy

RBPW President - Janet Hutchinson - Our Fearless Leader!!

Sarah & Mary Daniel

Kodi Keller is Kute!!

Kristin, Kodi, Stephanie, Britta - HUH? Oh, there's Mickey!!

Alyssa rocks the house!

Alyson, Kristin & Rosie wait for results.

Kelly & Valerie - "I wanna go on Tower of Terror already!!"