Brittany Star Curcio was a loving daughter, sister, and a beautiful friend.

She was a typical teenager doing the usual things that girls do at age 15...

shopping, talking on the phone and sleepovers.


But one ordinary night with friends and one wrong decision quickly turned to tragedy

for Brittany and her family when she was killed after she lost control of a car

she did not know how to drive. It is in her memory that this website was created.


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Donations collected for these bracelets will benefit the STAAR Program

"Students Taking Action Against Recklessness" a voice - make a difference...

Although in its infancy, the STAAR Program seeks to turn Brittany's tragedy into something positive for teens nationwide.  Brittany's friend, Rayni Koelln came up with the idea shortly after the auto accident.  Our goal is to raise awareness about the consequences that kids will have to endure when they make a split-second decision to engage in something "reckless".  Often times, kids are lucky and escape unharmed.  Other times, as with Brittany, a wrong decision can be devastating for the child and his or her family and friends.

Through media attention, guest speakers, internet awareness, and school wide assemblies, we hope to reach kids of all ages.  We want to provide information and resources to kids and their parents on how to abstain from reckless behavior and dangerous situations, while providing them with skills to practice responsible decision making.  The program will be modified so that it is age appropriate for grade school kids as well as high school teens.  We hope to also help parents who need information, resources, or just someone to talk to about their kids.

We've already started work and have contacted Dr. Phil and Oprah.  We are investigating options and talking with professionals on what we need to do to create a non-profit program or foundation that will enable us to provide this service to the community.

Reckless behavior isn't limited to just automobile accidents and "joyriding".  The challenges kids face today also include:

  • peer pressure & bullying

  • trying to fit in

  • drugs

  • alcohol

  • unprotected sex

  • drinking and driving


  • internet predators

  • hanging out with the "wrong crowd"

  • sneaking out of the house

  • rebellion urges

  • street racing

  • imitating extreme sports without proper training


As you can see, we've got our work cut out for us!  But we know that if Brittany had lived to tell us about what she learned that night, she would want us to help as many kids as we could.  She would want to help them to make the best decisions for themselves based on good moral values and the knowledge that they are truly loved and cherished by their family and friends - INSTEAD of making a spur of the moment impulse decision or succumbing to peer pressure.

If you would like to join the STAAR program, please visit our website at   We thank you in advance for your support of this project.

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