Grandma & Grandpa & Me

Brittany was loved by her grandparents, and just last week was telling her mom just how much she loved and missed her grandmother, Tony's mom Jeri. 

Here is a photo of Brittany with her Beloved Grandma Jeri.  There is so much comfort in knowing that Brittany and her Grandma Jeri are together in Heaven, resting in God's love.

Grandpa Basil & Brittany

Grandma Jeri, Brittany, & Brittany's mom, Star. Look at Grandma Jeri's face closely - the love is intense!

Granma Jeri & Grandpa Basil

Star, Brittany & Great Grandpa Sam

Great Grandma Dorothy

Great Grandma Dorothy

Brittany, Great Grandma & a lollipop!!

Greg's Dad Bill and Marcy & Family

Greg's Mom Linda and Brittany & Chip (or is that Dale?)

Greg's Mom Linda and Ben & the Family