HI! I just wanted to send you the story of Brittany and I. I also have some pictures of her that I thought you would like to see or use to put up on the web site! Thank you for all that you have done for her and her family and friends. Putting up this web site has meant a lot to all of us.


Brittany was my best friend for three years. It seemed so much longer, though. I knew her for five, but we didn’t click until when we were in 8th grade. When we were younger, we never liked each other. Alyssa Allen was in my English class, and I just remember having the best time with her. She told me that she wanted me to befriend Brittany. So I tried my best to get along with her. And before I knew it, we were having sleepovers at each other’s houses. She was so beautiful! Alyssa and I would walk into her garage and play with her step dad’s pool poles. We would dance around with them and sing in the middle of the street. And she loooovvveeeddddd slurpies and cheese more than words can express!! The one memory that I will never forget was when my parents took us to La Jolla and we walked around the beach forever and got to see the sunset. We went and saw the sea lions and got wet because this HUGE wave came and splashed us. Then we went out for Mexican food-- I got a burrito and she got a quesadilla because it had cheese in it. Then we went shopping in all of the stores, and she helped me pick out a bathing suit at Pink Zone. She liked the store because of its name. And, then on the way home we were laughing and singing along to Hilary Duff! It was so much fun. That is just one of the thousands of memories that I have of her. One of the last conversations that I had with her, we were arguing about what we should call “our name”. This wasn’t the first time we talked about this. It came up a lot because it was Alyssa, Brittany, and then me. So, then I came up with the name, the Three Blind Mice…cause we were all so klutzy! But Brittany and Alyssa came up with the Three Amigas. Cause Spanish is just cool like that. Or we would have abbreviations like, “BAT or ABT or TAB”.  I will never forget the special memories that we shared together eating pizza, swimming, shopping for prom dresses, and just laughing. She was my best friend, and even though she is not on earth living each day with me, I know that she will never miss one part of my life.  I love you Brittany Star Curcio. May the Three Amigas live on forever and ever.


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Bunny Rabbits

I Can See U!

Me & The Girls

So Sleepy

The Three Blind Mice







Some pictures of Brittany enjoying her life with her friends throughout the years.

Brittany will always be remembered...she was always a cheerful sweet girl. she will always be remembered!
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Bellybutton!! This is Morgan, Brittany & Lexi at her Pochanatas Party.

Alissa & Brittany

Alissa & Brittany were very close friends

8th Grade Graduation

Morgan & Brittany - they have been friends since they were tiny little girls!

La Mesa Pop Warner Friends - the Future Cheerleaders of America

Morgan & Brittany - What a special friendship.

from left to right, back to front

brittany, ashlee, lauren, megan,tanya

raptor cheer 2002 on the way to MGM studios