Daddy and Me

Brittany was very close to her father, Tony.  Every morning and night she would call him to talk and share news about their day.  His love for her was immense and he was so proud of his "good, happy, and loving girl".

Brittany will always be her Daddy's Little Girl

New Photo Gallery of Brittany, Tony, Dina, Geoffrey & Cameron


Tony, Brittany and Cameron


From: Anthony Curcio ( Daddy )
City_State: Escondido Ca
Date: June 19, 2005
Time: 05:52 PM

Baby Girl,

My Dearest Brittany,

Well as you know, today is Fathers Day. It has been a very lonely day not having you here to share it with us. Your brothers and I went to breakfast this morning and again you were deeply missed. I did take the photo of you and I with us and put it where you would have been sitting on the table. I hope that you were there with us.

Britt, I think about you constantly. You made me a father for the very first time. You made me the father that I am today.  I learned so much from you as you grew up into a caring & loving young lady. I found your video from your first birthday. You had so much fun eating your cake.  Sorry that I shoved it in your face. I really don't think that you minded though.

Thank you for the very special Fathers Day card. I know that you picked it out yourself through your mom. It was perfect! As are you! I will write again soon. You Are My Hero Forever!

I Love You & I Miss You, Can't Wait To Kiss You!!!

With All My Love,

Your Father, Your Daddy

From: Anthony Curcio ( Daddy )
City-State: Escondido Ca
Date: May 25, 2005
Time: 09:53 PM

Baby Girl,

I wanted to write last night after the vigil, but I could not find the words. I don't know why? There are so many thing I have to say... I know that if I could just pick up the phone and find you on the other end we could talk forever about everything.

When your friends cleaned out your locker at school, they put your things in your room. I took each item of clothing out of the bag and held them to my face. It was you! I went into your room at the end of the day and held your pillows and sheets and again it's you. It's your scent. I hope that it never fades.

I must go for now, Please visit me.

Love you & I miss you, can't wait to kiss you!!!

Sweet Dreams Pumpkin,



From: Anthony Curcio " DADDY "
City-State: Escondido Ca
Date: May 21, 2005
Time: 11:32 PM

Baby Girl,

Hey Pumpkin,

Today like everyday has been so long and a bit difficult, I can't believe it has been a month since we spent the day at Seaworld.

Remember when you were in line for the polar express with Baylee and you two were going to get to take the real ride, with all the shaking and moving? Your mom and I had to go through the other line because we had Cameron and Gia. ( They were too small ) As we passed each other in line not knowing who would get on the ride first, I said to you... " See you on the other side" I had no idea that these words would soon mean so much more.

We would talk on the phone and neither one ever wanted to be the first to hang up. We would say our " I loves you's and goodnight " We would always wait for the other to hang up first. There would be a long pause and then you say... Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy. We would both just laugh and do it all over again. This would go on for a very long time. We came to agree that we will hang up at the same time on the count of Three. OK 1,2,3, you hang up, No you hang up... OK.......... Heeeyyyy...

I miss you so much baby girl!

I received a book in the mail today from Diane Fritts Titled: Embraced by the Light. I have started reading it this evening and hope it helps. It explains that your journey to be with Jesus has been peacefull and not at all painfull.

I know that you ran up those stairs not walked to meet our lord never looking back!

Love You & I miss You!!! Can't wait to kiss you!!!

Sweet Dreams Baby Girl,

Love Daddy

From: Anthony Curcio
City_State: Escondido Ca
Date: May 17, 2005
Time: 10:52 PM

My Dearest Brittany,

I miss you more than these simple words can ever express... Your phone calls, your HUGS, your beautiful SMILE and your SWEET KISSES. Can't sleep right now, just pondering all of the great memories we shared.

I saw Eugenia yesterday and got some of the pink bracelets she had made for you. She is such a good friend of yours. She also got to experience some of your perfect AWESOME spirals with the football. That made me so happy to know that I taught you how to pass that ball. We had so much fun!!!

I am so proud of all your accomplishments. You were successful in everything you did in life. I, WE, miss you! I wish I could be with you right now, but I must take care of Cameron and keep him safe. He speaks of you often and loves you so much. He will be going to kindergarten in a couple of months. Please keep him safe under your wings when I can't be there...

Sweet Dreams Baby Girl,
Kisses, Kisses, Kisses

Love Daddy

From: Anthony Curcio
City-State: Escondido Ca
Date: May 16, 2005
Time: 10:15 PM

Baby Girl,

The past few days have been especially difficult for me. I guess that I am figuring out that what has happened is real. I have been waiting and hoping to wake up and this has all been just the worst and longest nightmare of my life...

I feel anger not knowing exactly what happened that night? I know that kids do these things for fun but it ended tragically for you this time. I hope in my heart that your friends and even people that you never even knew will learn a very important lesson from this. There must be a purpose for it, and something has to come from the horrible loss that I & your mother, brothers, sisters and everyone are having to suffer through.

I know that you would never want us to feel as sad & helpless as we all do, but you were so loved by us that we can't help it. It is going to take a long time and you will never be forgotten. I think about you every minute of every day and every night. I miss your phone calls in the morning, on your lunch breaks and at night when I would tell you that I love you, send you a kiss through the phone and tell you sweet dreams. I always knew that we would speak again the next day as we ALWAYS did.


I love you and I miss you, can't wait to kiss you... again & again & again.

Sweetest Dreams Pumpkin!!!

Love Daddy

From: Anthony Curcio
City-State: Escondido ca
Date: May 14, 2005
Time: 11:22 PM

Baby Girl,

I have been thinking so much about all the great times that we had together, and was taken back to the day that you arrived in your mom's and my life. It was such a special day. I remember it like it was just yesterday.




From: Anthony Curcio
Date: May 08, 2005
Time: 10:21 PM

Baby Girl,

It's Daddy,

Sweetheart, Pumpkin Pie...

There are so many nick names I had for you since you were just a baby until even up till now. I call you and say... "What's up pumpkin Pie" You replied" "Nothing Daddy WHY" And we would just keep rhyming until we could think of nothing else to rhyme anymore. You always won the contest!

Britt, I am honored & BLESSED that GOD gave YOU to me and your mother. The perfect daughter! You have made me so proud to be your dad!!!

I will forever remember throwing you the football, you would take off running and catch the ball over your shoulders. you were a great receiver as well as passer. You threw perfect passes and even kicked occasionally. I always called you my SUPERSTAR. " My AWESOME BLOSSOM " And blossomed you did. I look at your photos and see a BEAUTIFUL young lady with so much love in your heart. I am proud that so many others knew you the same. You have touched everyone with your love.

Sweet Dreams doodle bucket.




Brittany & Her Dad

Brittany & Her Cousins

Brittany and her Daddy, Anthony (Tony) Curcio

Brittany, Dad and her brother, Cameron

Brittany and her brother Geoffrey at her "Pocahantas" birthday party.

Brittany's 8th Grade Graduation with her mom, Star & her Dad, Tony

Brittany with her Grandpa Basil, Tony's Dad

Grandma Jeri and Grandpa Basil - Tony's Parents

Grandma Jeri holding Brittany as she and Star fall in love with this little angel girl.

My Parents Love Me!

I Love Dancing with My Daddy!

Brittany and her beloved, Grandma Jeri