March 2007

From:       Cathy Esoo
City-State: san diego
Date:       March 25, 2007
Time:       12:41 AM

Hello Brittany,

I went by your memorial site the other day and I am still sad about all of this and how it happened.

My boyfriend was with me  and I told him everything and wanted to show him the spot. I always mail and I wish your parents had  to feel less pain. I know it never gets easier and they think about you every day.

It does not get easier for them and I pray and feel for them. I know people say with time it will get less difficult but it does not for parents - especially when they had such a beautiful girl and their first baby.

I will always think of you and your parents and hope for the best.

Cathy Esoo

From:       corline mcconnell
City-State: watertown new york
Date:       March 18, 2007
Time:       04:32 PM

i spent hours reading and looking at the pictures. you could tell brittany was loved so much and by so many brittany knew it that's why she was so happy.

my heart and prayers go out to brittany's family and friends

god bless

From:       Samantha
City-State: Allentown, PA
Date:       March 14, 2007
Time:       10:11 AM

To all of Brittany's friends and family: I know the pain you are all still feeling two years after her pain is still very new to best friend was taken away from me on November 18th,2006 by a driver who ran a red light.

I miss her more then anything in this world and not one day goes by that i don't think of her, but i'm sure she is in a better place now and not suffering down here. One thing that i was told throughout this entire thing is that the tears will eventually stop and life will go on but the pain will always be there in your heart.

Brittany seemed like a sweet girl and i will pray for her and her family everyday.