February 2007

From:       Cathy Esoo
City-State: San Diego  Ca
Date:       February 24, 2007
Time:       01:54 AM

Hello Brittany

You are beautiful and I will remember...many forget


From:       Jessica
City-State: RB, 4S
Date:       February 19, 2007
Time:       06:44 PM

I wish for your family that time will ease the pain...but I know that won't be the case! I am so sorry for your loss, and I hope that Brittany will stay in all the hearts of people who knew her! I wish Star and her family the best!

From:       Theresa Sisco
City-State: Mdtn, NY
Date:       February 18, 2007
Time:       10:26 PM

I saw your page on my space and I wanted to tell you that you were such a beautiful girl.  You actually looked like a real life angel.  You also were very talented and the love you had for and from your family and friends shines thru the photos.

I can only pray your family finds some peace here on earth without you - their baby girl.  I believe you a have found your peace and now are a beautiful ANGEL for real.

From:       Cathy Esoo
City-State: San Diego Ca 92110
Date:       February 14, 2007
Time:       10:31 PM

Hi Britt
It is Valentines Day and if you were here you definitely would have had a valentine or two. You are beautiful.

Cathy Esoo

From:       daddy
City-State: Ca
Date:       February 14, 2007
Time:       12:19 AM

Happy Valentines Day Baby Girl...

Daddy misses you sooo much right now and always!!! I hear you laughing and I hear you calling for me all the time, just like you always did... Kisses goodbye and see ya soons... I will see you soon... even if I should live to 100 yrs... it is just a grain of sand in the hour glass of life...

I Love you and miss you... can't wait to kiss you... again and again and again... see ya soon baby girl...

Love Daddy

From:       Juliet
City-State: West Virginia
Date:       February 10, 2007
Time:       09:40 PM

I didn't know Brittany, but I came upon this from a friend who I know that cheers for California All-Stars and after reading Brittany's story she has put such a big impact on my life. I can tell by pictures she was a beautiful girl....i'm deeply sorry for your loss.

From:       Alexa
City-State: in mc
Date:       February 06, 2007
Time:       05:00 PM

I miss u Britt u where like a sister. I have memory sticker of u on my wall - no picture just words, like ur name, when u died, and your birthday.

From:       Katie
City-State: Ohio
Date:       February 06, 2007
Time:       03:00 PM

I'm really sorry about Brittany. I saw a memory video on you tube and the first time I saw it I just cried, and she's a very beautiful young lady and i'm sorry for your loss.

From:       Barbara Eldridge
City-State: Michigan city In  
Date:       February 04, 2007
Time:       08:21 PM

Hello to Brittany's family I hope that things are starting to be an little bit better for all of you. I still come to this site and read all the emails about her I know its hard to get over someone who was so young and had a full live ahead, but tragic took place and know no one can bring her back.

hope in time things will be better. its takes time to heel the sadness you have. also I hope that Brittany's sisters will never forget her and will always remember the good times they share and the memories of her and the rest of her family as well.

please take care and god bless you

From:       Britney
City-State: Tucson, AZ
Date:       February 04, 2007
Time:       02:32 AM

Hi. I never knew Brittany but I came across this and I just want to show a lot of sympathy. Like her, I have a lot of passion for cheer and im sorry that one reckless night had to ruin a lot for your family.

She's a really beautiful girl and no matter what, I believe she's watching over you guys. I'm sorry this has happened and I think its great how you guys are doing this website for the family and her. May God Bless you all.

Lots of love from your stranger. :D