You are listening to "Flying with Angels"

By: Na Leo Pilimehana

October 1, 2006 to October 31, 2006

From:       Carine <3
Date:       October 29, 2006
Time:       03:14 PM

Here is a little video I made about Brittany on You Tube.
hope you like it



From:       Lynn vazquez
City-State: eastlake,ca.
Date:       October 29, 2006
Time:       11:10 AM

Hey Girly Girl,
                   I just got home from church and Leo was great as usual , on the way home I was thinking about you and letting you know that I won't ever forget you ; even though life still goes on and the clock doesn't stop ticking and I will write this again IT IS SO HARD TO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE NO LONGER ON THIS EARTH but your spirit will live with us forever I look at your pictures and you are so full of life I just read the news paper article on your accident and it still gives me a chill... I still don't believe it  , reality still and may never hit us we all miss you sooooo very  much pray for us girl girl for those of us that are here without you......... Hug Jesus for me Lynn


From:       Rim
City-State: Santa Cruz, Morocco 
Date:       October 24, 2006
Time:       08:05 AM


My name is Rim, I'm 17...
I'm Moroccan so, excuse my bad English.

You probably will ask you why someone like me, who don't know Brittany would post a message like this on the Guestbook..

I was surfing on the web of the small city of Santa Cruz in Morocco, when I saw that.
And after having see the video on, and the website dedicated to you, I was really moved...

In short, the important was already mentioned: Brittany was a very beautiful girl, apparently happy and always smiling. And I'm sure that each person having known you before will remember this girl with angels eyes, who will be in their hearts forever, and ever.
This story had enormously marked me, and I wish all the happiness of the world to her family and her friends...

Rim Chigr.


From:       bree-CA friend

Date:       October 18, 2006
Time:       12:45 PM

I just wanted to let you know Britt that not a day goes by that I don't think about you and I miss you very much and I will never forget sorry I haven't written in a while. I have had to be at CA constantly so yeah I just wanted to say that I miss you and I will see you soon..!! love you!! =]



From:       Shayna Brickman
City-State: rancho bernardo,ca
Date:       October 12, 2006
Time:       09:23 PM

Brittany we miss you so much, on Sunday me and my mom took a walk down to oak valley and then we walked by your tree, its blooming again.

well I just stopped by to say hi,and we really miss you. you haven't been forgotten at all girl

shayna michelle.


From:       Daddy
City-State: Ca
Date:       October 09, 2006
Time:       10:05 PM

Baby Girl,

It has been some time since I have sat down to write, I think of you no less than every minute of every day! I am sorry baby girl! I want so much to be able to get through a day without feeling the pain of you not being here. I have let so many outside influences effect my everyday progress in moving forward, knowing that I will one day be with you again. I just wish that could not take so long.... I want to see you and hold you and be able to look directly at you and not just a picture and say " I LOVE YOU Britt!!! " So Many say what they think are comforting things, but they have NO idea what it is like to lose you the way I have??? I can't blame them and wish I did not know this feeling myself. I just look for the day I will see you again!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love you and miss you!!! Can't wait to kiss you!!! Again & Again & Again!!! I will see you soon baby girl!



From:       Caitlin
City-State: Carlsbad, California
Date:       October 09, 2006
Time:       03:05 PM

I don't know why I still look at this page..
It just makes me so sad since we were so close...
I wish you the best of luck!

I love you!


From:       Jordan Hayes
City-State: Escondido, California
Date:       October 07, 2006
Time:       07:04 PM



From:       danyelle
City-State: sachse,tx
Date:       October 02, 2006
Time:       05:54 AM

hi my name is danyelle,i just finished watching a video of Brittany on "you tube" Brittany was a beautiful girl. I did not know Brittany but when I saw the video I was crying. I am only 12 but that video touched my heart  Iam wishing her family and friends the best wishes.
may god be with you.
-Danyelle Moye