You are listening to "Flying with Angels"

By: Na Leo Pilimehana

September 1, 2006 to September 30, 2006

From:       Lynn Vazquez
City-State: Chula vista Cali
Date:       September 28, 2006
Time:       11:43 PM

Hey Girly Girl,
               Life is so full of changes it's so hard to keep up sometimes I think about you a lot especially when I see Abercrombie clothing I know you really like that store .The holidays are coming and it will be sad without you but everyday is a holiday in Heaven huh..Just wanted to let you know you are on my mind and in my dreams so give Jesus a hug for us and we send you a million hugs and kisses ........................ Lynn


From:       Daddy
City-State: Escondido   
Date:       September 27, 2006
Time:       06:55 AM

Baby Girl,

Just want to stop by and say I love you Brittany. I miss you soooo much and wish you were here. I need you!

Daddy & Cameron


From:       Rebecca Wilner
City-State: Monterey Bay, Cali
Date:       September 26, 2006
Time:       11:35 PM

Star and Tony-

I wish I could have met up with you while I was in San Diego a few weekends ago.  However while I was home I did go to her tree.  I went with my best friend and we just say under the tree for about an hour.  I sat and thought and life and about how precious it is.  I thought about what Brittany must have been thinking that night she thought was just going to be a quick ride with her friends.  I thought about the other teens out there who make the same mistake and how unfortunate it is that they don't learn from others mistakes.  Now I am back in Monterey and I have moved into another house with friends.  
In my backyard we have lilies and some sunflowers planted that have bloomed.  Butterflies spend much of the afternoon flying around these flowers.  I bought a pink shaped star that you stick into the ground.  It is a star for Brittany and each time I am sitting in my backyard with friends and a butterfly flies over the star, I am reminded that Brittany is flying high above us.  I even think she's flying over me even though we never met.  

I truly hope you are doing better and although things can never go back to how they were, I just hope you are healthy and as happy as you can be with your beautiful children.

God Bless,

Rebecca Wilner.


From:       Dana Daniels
Date:       September 13, 2006
Time:       01:23 PM

I still come to this site religiously to pay tribute to Brittany. My heart still aches so deeply for Star and Tony - as well for the rest of her lovely family and friends. I know that nothing will ever replace what you have lost and not a day will pass where she does not come to mind a million times.

Please just know the love of many surround you - many who share in your sorrow and would trade places with her in a second...just to give you back what you have lost and make your hearts whole again. She is certainly a beautiful person inside and out -- and will never be forgotten. My prayers are for your strength and the much needed comfort to get through each day...until you meet again.

As I go through my days, my prayers will never cease for the inner peace you all so desperately need.

God bless..

...and to Britt....Gosh, we miss you so much honey!



From:       Jessica
Date:       September 09, 2006
Time:       11:11 AM

The other night I was on my way home with my Dad and my dad saw a licenses plate that said  "love4Britt" and I thought it was an interesting license plate...But then I looked in the car and noticed that the driver was Brittany's mom. That's when I remembered her whole story!!!!  I'm so sorry for your loss, and hope that your life is getting a little bit better each day although I know it will be hard to fully recover....




From:       Lynn Vazquez
City-State: Chula vista, Cali  
Date:       September 05, 2006
Time:       10:16 PM

Hey Girly Girl,
                    Thinking about your mom today it is her birthday and my feeling is that you are with her and making sure she has a good day you are not physically there and she misses you so much as your father does they both  have such good memories of they're beautiful girl they both can't help but smile at the thought of you !We all miss you Brittany we all wish that we could have you back the world would be a much nicer place if you were here....... Sweet Dreams In Heaven Girly Girl !
                                           Have A Happy Birthday Star





From:       Daddy
City-State: Escondido CA
Date:       September 03, 2006
Time:       08:13 PM


My sweet baby girl!

I was just looking at some pictures from when you were just a baby... It seems not so long ago I was rocking you to sleep... teaching you how to ride your bike in the parking lot next to our house. I miss you so so much Britt!!! I still have your pink Barbie corvette in the back yard, I can't seem to come to the reality that some other child would enjoy it as much as you did. Remember that you were too small to push the gas pedal. I strapped a block of wood to it so you could make it go all by yourself... You were so excited!!!

I also remember taking you for rides on my motorcycle. You would sit on the gas tank with no worries at all. You knew that daddy would never let anything hurt you! I wish I could have been there for you the night you decided to go out for that ride!!! Just one decision has changed everything forever. Cameron talks about you. He misses you so much too! He made something out of legos the other night, he brought it to me and said, this is for you dad... I said that's so nice Cameron, What is it? He replied the train that took Brittany to heaven. I will keep it always! You know I will.

I don't mean to sound so sad Brittany. I just wish that I could see you again. to hug you! to kiss you. To tell you I love you and to keep you from getting in that car!!! I love you Britt!!! I miss you Britt!!! I can't wait to kiss you Britt!!! Again & Again & Again Britt!!!

Daddy & Cameron



From:       Dallas
City-State: Beloit,WI
Date:       September 03, 2006
Time:       04:30 PM

This is soooooooooo sad. I'm a competitive cheerleader and I was soooooooo sad when I saw this. I cried for an hour. she is very pretty and has beautiful blue eyes.