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By: Na Leo Pilimehana

July 1, 2006 to July 31, 2006

From:  Aunt Natalie
City_State: Valley Center, CA
 Date:       July 27, 2006
Time:       09:44 PM


Happy Birthday Brittany !!!!!

I think about you so often Britt, but today especially you were on my mind a lot.

The big 17, WOW...... It seems like it was just yesterday that I witnessed your actual birth-day right in front of my eyes. You made all of us so very happy when you came into our lives!!!!!

The 1st of the grandchildren, and everyone's pride & joy.
You always were Grandma's Angel... and now you're both angels together watching over us. What a comforting thought.....

I love you Britt and will always carry you in my heart and soul. You will live on in my memories forever.....

Happy Birthday Britt!!!!      

Love you forever, Aunt Natalie


From:  Daddy
City_State: Escondido Ca
Date:       July 27, 2006
Time:       09:05 PM


Happy Birthday In Heaven My Beautiful Daughter!!!

This being the second birthday since you were called makes it NO easier to accept. I miss you so much! It hurts so bad everyday not being able to give you a big hug & kiss! I do talk to you and still tell you I love you every single day. Well, I hope you had a great party with all the other angels like yourself!!! Your tree is absolutely beautiful, just like you also... I LOVE YOU & I Miss You!!! Can't Wait To Kiss You!!! Again & Again & Again!!!



From: Frieda Varela
City_State: Eastlake, Ca   
Date:       July 25, 2006
Time:       08:48 AM

Hi Brit..
Just wanted to come by and see you... gosh, Matthew is going through so much right now.. and I constantly bring your name up so he can remember what could happen if he makes impulsive decisions.
He still wears your bracelet, we still talk about you and share your story...

I hope your mom and sisters are doing better.. It seems your dad is holding things together now.. Star, hang in there.. We love and respect you so much for what you are doing...

In our hearts, minds and prayers.. we love you lil girl..
Frieda, Matthew and angel.. 


From: Amanda  
Date:       July 24, 2006
Time:       11:36 AM

Thank you, Brittany, for guiding me through these hard times I've been going through lately. No matter what emotions I'm feeling, all I have to do is look up to the sky, and knowing that you are in heaven, having a blast, puts a huge smile on my face. I know we will meet again someday ,and I know until then, you will still be here with me ,in my heart ,forever.

I love you & Miss you so much, Brittany. Rest In Peace.


From: Christopher Skerra
City_State: Germany, Nord Rhein Westfalen, Waltrop
 Date:       July 22, 2006
Time:       03:11 PM

Hello... my name is Christopher... at first plz understand that my English isn't very good... I am 15 years old. I was born the 13 November 1990.

I found the Video about your daughter... the in memory video... and I cried... I have to say that I don't know anybody of you... but when I saw the video and some minutes later this site I couldn't stop to cry... I got so many tears in my eyes... please don't think I am crazy or something but I want to write down my feelings now... the photos show a little girl... this little girl looks so cute and so friendly that I can't live with the feeling that ive never meet her or never seen her yet.... and one moment later... she's dead... I believe in angels and I have so many ideas about life death angels and other things... this little girl was really an angel... her beautiful eyes stole my breath... if I could I would give my life just that she could life it... the photos express so many good feelings I never had :( ive got tears in my eyes now when iam writing this... my mom says that I gotta go to bed now... I will write again tomorrow... I hope I am allowed to... Christopher.



From: Lynn Vazquez
City_State: chula vista california
 Date:       July 18, 2006
Time:       06:05 PM

Hey Girly Girl,

  These last few weeks I have had you on my mind thinking about what happened that morning it just should have never never never e-v-e-r happened.....every time I go by the exit I go deep into thought about how you must have felt and I just have absolutely no idea of how this could have happened??????????????????

I  look at you pictures and you are so perfect to perfect to be gone how could someone so right and be so full of life be away from all of us that love you ? I feel angry because you're gone we all want to share special things in our lives with you summer's, weddings, birthday's and holiday's and just sitting at home being lazy watching a girly movie with you Brittany .your Dad and I were doing some painting in the bedroom and I found some pictures  of you when you were little and we sat down to look at them you are so "Gorgeous" you look like both mom and dad .

Well we listened to a song called "Only God Cries' by Diamond Rio and I heard it about a month ago but it had not been released yet but Dad bought the cd which has "One More Day" on it as well I want your mom to listen to it. Ok girly girl we will continue to keep you close to our hearts and wish you were here ! Your Mom and Greg looked so happy on they're wedding day we saw all of ypur friends and Mark too he is so funny I can see how he would make you smile we all missed you so much that day...  girl keep flying high and we'll see you again someday <3 Lynn

Date:       July 15, 2006
Time:       12:51 AM

I always think about you. I have two girls that graduated from Rancho Bernardo High and I am so happy for them but so sad for you and your mom and dad. I know you were the greatest kid sweet, loving, full of joy,and the best sister.

I lost the Bernardo news letter for a while and your web site was on there. I was happy and sad I found it. You are so beautiful and I am so sad your gone...may the angels be with you. I can not even imagine your parents losing such a loving girl. I am so sorry if your mom wants to talk to me I would love to be there to talk and help through the grief which will be there forever. Cathy


Date:       July 09, 2006
Time:       08:15 PM

even though i never knew and i live in dallas, she was very special to have a website!!!

i first saw the video on you tube it was very nice of her friends. i bet she was the best person you can meet i fell very sry for her family

god bless brittany star curcio

rom:       Andrea & Kanasha
City_State: Columbus, OHio
Date:       July 07, 2006
Time:       11:21 AM

Good Afternoon, I am a cheer mom with Midwest Magic All-Stars in Columbus, Ohio and one of our Parents gave us Brittany's web-site.  

I just wanted to say that we are very sorry to read about your Daughter, she was a very beautiful young lady and we just wanted to tell you that your family will be forever in our prayers.

From:       Midwest Magic Allstars
City_State: Columbus Ohio
Date:       July 07, 2006
Time:       08:18 AM

Friends and Family of Brittany,

One of our all-star moms just happened upon this memorial and posted a message to all of us in our allstar family to make us aware of Brittany's story and to serve as a warning of caution to our athletes.  

Even though time is passing and hopefully healing your hearts please know that you are being thought of with love and compassion today by everyone at Midwest Magic and we appreciate the efforts that you have gone to in order to get the message out to our young people everywhere.  

May you stay peaceful and strong, may your endeavor grow and reach young adults everywhere and may the memory of your loved one remain in the prayers of everyone who shares in this site.  

Midwest Magic Allstars, Columbus Ohio