You are listening to "Flying with Angels"

By: Na Leo Pilimehana

May 1, 2006 - May 31, 2006

From:       Heather
City_State: Idaho
Date:       May 30, 2006
Time:       11:50 AM

Goodbyes are not forever
And nor is it the end
When angels come to call away
A loved one or a friend.

The empty place that's left behind
Within this world we know
Reminds us just how brief a stay
We have before we go.

So, now it's time to bid farewell
To you, we will dearly miss.
Let's just say we'll meet again,
And I promise you this...

The true gift is that love remains
Although, we now must part.
Until forever and beyond,
I'll keep you in my heart.

   Brittany and family
~You're always on my mind~

City_State: Glasgow Scotland UK
Date:       May 29, 2006
Time:       09:21 AM

I live in Glasgow, Scotland and have a 14 year old daughter who has been dancing for 11 years and cheering for 4.

 Cheerleading is now 'her life'. Her squad attend competitions, gala days, fetes, local fun days etc, and some how, it seems to have taken over all our lives!!

I was surfing the cheer websites and, somehow, ended up here. I initially came on to look at photos but could not leave this site without posting what we call in Scotland 'a menshy' (a post on your guest book).

I cannot even begin to understand how Brittany's family have coped with such a tragic loss of such a young, beautiful girl.
I send all of Brittany's family my very best wishes for the future.

Kay x

From:       kayle
City_State: ca
Date:       May 18, 2006
Time:       05:01 PM


im so sorry brittany i love u

From:       malayna
City_State: burleson,texas
Date:       May 15, 2006
Time:       04:34 PM

brittany i miss you so much hunny! and i hope to see you again some day

From:       Ariel
City_State: San Marcos, California
Date:       May 17, 2006
Time:       04:25 PM


ur daughter is beautiful

From:       Heather
City_State: Idaho
Date:       May 11, 2006
Time:       03:05 PM

Not a day goes by I don't think of Brittany or her family. You're in my prayers

From:       Jackie F
City_State: Bessemer city, North Carolina
Date:       May 12, 2006
Time:       12:18 AM

Hello, I just wanted to say how sorry I am for what happened.  I'm a mother of 3 daughters and I know how teenagers can be wanting to try to do things to see how far they can get.

My oldest daughter is 19yrs old now but when she was about 14yrs old she did things like take our car (or stole it I should say).  She drove to Texas and we were living in Maryland at the time.  For two weeks I had no idea where she was or if she was alive, thank god she came back home to us. I just wish your daughter could come back to you all.

You all are in my prayers.

From:       Amanda
City_State: Escondido,CA
Date:       May 12, 2006
Time:       08:59 PM

You give me strength to get through each day ,no matter how tough it may be.  It's still hard to believe all of this happened to such a wonderful person.  You are truly so beautiful - inside and out.  no matter where life takes me, you will be in my heart, and I can promise that.

I love you and miss you more than words can ever express. I know we'll meet again someday, and you will make me smile once again.

I love you Angel.  Rest In Peace

From:       Elizabeth
City_State: San Diego, Ca
Date:       May 13, 2006
Time:       03:41 PM

hey brittany! i havent written in here for a while and thought it was time to write something again! its been over a year now that this
happened, and i still cant believe it has! it still doesn't feel like its really happened. it just doesn't seem real. I feel like I'm going to see you
at school again and say hi to you or something.

i remember when i got the news. I remember that day perfectly unfortunately. Well I hope you're having a great time in Heaven and please watch over us and make us make the right decisions.

till next time Brittany! we all love and miss ya!  bye!

cant wait to see you again

From:       Madison
City_State: Mason,Texas
Date:       May 13, 2006
Time:       09:31 PM

What happened to Brittany has recently happened to one of my friends. Her name was Tara. Tara and my other friend Pilar and their boyfriends were in a car accident. Their boyfriend's friend was in another vehicle and they decided to play chicken. They hit each other and the 3 guys died on impact, and Tara got taken off of life support today.

Pilar is the only one that lived and she broke her back and wrist. It's so hard to go through this. I just ask that, since you know how it feels, that you guys will pray for their families and Pilar.

This is a horrible tragedy.  It just doesn't seem real. It has touched me so deeply. Teen Reckless driving is more serious then people think. It has taught me a lesson and other people in my school. I just wish everyone would know what it does.

From the Web Manager:  Dear Madison, please know that Brittany's family and friends will keep all of those affected by this tragedy in close thought and prayer.  We are so very for your unbearable loss.

From:       lynn vazquez
City_State: chula vista
Date:       May 14, 2006
Time:       05:13 PM

hey girly girl,

it's been so long since I have written you but you are constantly on my mind.  I have a new job now & I will have more time to write you. 

A couple a weeks ago I had a dream about you for a message for your dad about fathers day that I related to him.  You cross my
mind on a daily basis and I just want you to know that I am going to get that video from your dad so that the kids can see it they will totally love it.

I also want to be able to get the word across about the S.T.A.A.R. program in the south bay area because there are a lot of kids that make bad choices so hopefully we can get flyers out in my area,

Girly girl today is mother's day I know in some way you will make your presence visible for your mom to know you are with her.  All your family misses you. So utill we meet again lets keep one thing in mind - each other....see you again girly girl


From:       Katherine
City_State: San Diego, California
Date:       April 17, 2006
Time:       09:31 PM

hey britt,

wats up wow its been a whole yr. since that terrible accident u had and it seems like yesterday we were going to the mall or school and u
havin a big grin in ur face all the time.

i really miss that brittany alot! u are a shining star even though ur middle name is star but u kno wat i really miss?


I miss u and ur crazy fun ideas.

i miss u giving me advice on things.

i miss u cheering me up all the time

i miss hanging out with u

well heck i miss alot of things of u!! i hope ur having fun in heaven laughing wit angels and having an eternal peace with god!!

well take care hun ;D!!

ur always in my thoughts...luv ya lots n lots!!! :P

miss n love u always,


From:       dennis eldridge
City_State: michigan city   indiana   
Date:       May 10, 2006
Time:       03:48 PM

dear star

hello star how are you  how are your family holding up  at home? i know you miss your daughter very badly.  i know how that feels too.  i i lost a beautiful  little niece...she was beautiful.  she died in february  of last year she was very cute looking  she would of been sixteen 
years old  and she still is.

i have four nephews and one niece  she will be ten years old in october. i also joined the choir at queen of all saints church.  we sing on sundays at church  at ten o clock  mass  we leave mass  at 11 0 clock.

star you take care of your family they need you at this time of grief and sadness.  your daughter was a beautiful, bright girl she is in a better place with god and his angels.

i would like to hear from you star my name is dennis lee eldridge i went to school with you star. i read some of the letters to your daughter who passed away from you

star look me up some time im in the phone book under eldridge

From:       vikki
City_State: england
Date:       May 10, 2006
Time:       05:24 AM

aww bless ya daughter looks lovely and looks like a friendly person.  r.i.p.

From:       philippa
City_State: sunderland
Date:       May 10, 2006
Time:       05:23 AM

hi ive been lookin at the website i hope all of her family is ok and i found the web site very nice

lv philippa

From:       Matthew Chesterton
City_State: Big Lake, MN
Date:       May 09, 2006
Time:       03:23 PM

I know how hard it is to lose a family member. 

To brittany's siblings, I am here for you.  In fact, the next time you go to see brittany, please stop by her grave.  she is in the little kids section up on a hill.  Her name is Alicia Chesterton and she has been dead 10 years. 

I hope brittany and alicia know each other in heaven

From:       Mary
Date:       May 08, 2006
Time:       07:31 PM

I stumbled upon this story about 15 year old Dylan Ayres, who was killed in an automobile accident. He was not wearing his seat belt, was
ejected from the car, and died on the scene. I thought maybe STAAR could get involved with Dylan's family and friends. Here is the article:

I keep Brittany and her family and friends in my thoughts. May you all continue to find strength without her.

From:       Connie
City_State: Kapolei, HI
Date:       May 08, 2006
Time:       04:45 AM

I have never heard of Brittany.  None the less, my heart and prayers go out to her family and friends; it is quite obvious that she was truly
and loved and is missed.  As a new parent, I can only imagine......... 

God bless!!!!!!

From:       jordan
Date:       May 07, 2006
Time:       07:30 PM

we're still thinking about you baby brit. no matter how long passes from the night of your death, you'll always be remembered.

we love you

From:       Sydney
Date:       May 06, 2006
Time:       01:51 PM

i don't know u but i have seen some of your things and i know that ur in god's hands now - so u can still jump around and cheer with him and the other angels i hope i get to meet you some day.

x3 sydney

From:       Sole
City_State: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date:       May 01, 2006
Time:       11:06 PM

I just found this page by chance, and it really shocked me to found out about the death of this young girl. It seem to me that she was nice and sweet and that everybody loved her for that. I don't know what happened to her, but I just wanted to say that I really think she is in heaven, and that if god wanted that destiny for her it is because she truly must have been an angel.

My best regards to her family and friends, and please forgive me if have some mistakes, itīs just that I speak spanish.



From:       Daddy
City_State: Escondido, Ca
Date:       May 02, 2006
Time:       02:58 PM

Brittany dearest Baby Girl,

I miss you so very much! I can't wait till the day I can see you again! Everything has changed forever since you left. I am not happy like I
used to be. I seem to be so short at times.  Especially to the people I love the most. I miss hearing your sweet wonderful voice, your hugs & kisses everyday. I stay strong for the boy's or so it seems, but inside, my heart hurts so bad to have you back.

I cannot imagine living out my life's term without you! I wish you could just come back!

There are so many bad people who seem to live forever. And then there is you. A truly sweet, giving, caring young lady taken way to soon. Taken from her Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Friends & The Whole World.  You have impacted everyone who knew you and in fact many who never even got the chance to know you in a positive way. I just don't understand!!! Why???

I love You & I Miss You!!! Can't Wait To KISS YOU!!!  Again & Again & Again!!!