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By: Na Leo Pilimehana

February 1, 2006 - February 28, 2006

From:       Danielle
City-State: Oceanside, CA
Date:       February 26, 2006
Time:       08:06 PM

Wow, it's been so long since I've been to the site. Brittany, I still miss you so much. Everyday you cross my mind, and I wonder what it would be like if you were still here. I can't believe it's already been 10 months.

Sonya and I were talking yesterday, and we couldn't believe its been that long. We all miss you so much. It's been hard competing this year, very different without you there with us. I love you, and miss you so much every single day. You're always going to be a part of me, no matter how old I get, or what I'm doing with my life. Please continue looking over me as I know you have been.

I love you, always, no matter what.

Danielle Pray

Date:       February 25, 2006
Time:       06:40 PM

10 months and 1day.
we miss you britt.
fly high.
and keep an eye out on us.
we love you so much

From:       Tammy Rydahl
City_State: SD
Date:       February 24, 2006
Time:       02:08 PM

Well Brittany today marks 10 months since you left this earth.  I still can't believe it has been that long - in many ways it still seems like just yesterday.  And in many ways I know that 10 months isn't so long.  In terms of missing you I'm sure it seems like an eternity, but in terms of grief it seems like everything just happened.  

Continue to wrap your arms around your mommy and daddy.  They still need lots of comfort.  They miss you terribly.  I know you are doing amazing things up there in heaven just as you did here!  We will all keep your memory alive and you just guide your parents day to day.

Blowing Kisses to you in Heaven~


Date:       February 24, 2006
Time:       08:29 AM

Hey girly girl, today is 10 months and it will be a very hard day for your parents.  Well for everyone that knew you; time passes by so fast

you are truly thought about everyday. i've realized through what happened to you that we should live everyday like it it is our last. we should tell the people we love that we love them and to especially let our children know every time they go out the front door we love them. 

I know your mom your dad and your stepparents have so much love for you and you know that you are so lucky to have such caring parents.  I am happy that your dad spoke to you the evening prior to your accident he got to tell you he loved you, he misses your voice, he misses your phone calls. 

Cameron speaks of you daily and he may never understand why his sissy is in heaven but I know he will never forget you. 

We miss you Brittany.  "Now we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed ,we have a building from GOD an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands". 2 Corinthians 5:1

From:       katie
City_State: Ramona Ca
Date:       February 23, 2006
Time:       12:34 PM

Well I did not know Brittany nor her family but i have 2 little sisters. one cheers for CA and the other for so cal elite.

I came across this site from CA's main site and it left me in tears. On how one bad choice can change our lives forever. My sisters are 10 and 12 and i know that they are getting to the age where peer pressure sets in and it truly scares me. Just the pics of Brittany cheering and being a normal girl really hit home. I am truly sorry for your loss. But now Brittany will be in my thoughts every time I watch my sisters cheer, and I never even met her.

May God and the Angels above be with you

BRITTANY your memory will live on forever

From:       Sandy Jancic
City_State: San  Diego  CA
Date:       February 22, 2006
Time:       11:08 PM

 Tony and Star,  this is a beautiful memorial to your beloved daughter, Brittany.  Loved looking at  the photographs of all those who loved her.

She would be so proud of  you for starting STAAR. Such a necessary and worthwhile project.  Keep us all posted on how we can help.

Take care of yourselves.

love,  Sandy

From:       Rayni Koelln
City_State: sd ca
Date:       February 22, 2006
Time:       01:16 AM

hey love,

 i miss you so much you have no idea .. i was talking about you and everything 2 night and i broke down.. you were the only person who never let me down and never would let me down and i let you down .. i was supposed 2 call you that night... i was supposed to be with you that night.. but i bailed ... i let you down .. the one time i let you down and this happens.. its not fair .. i dont get it .. i hate it ..

i wanna talk 2 you so bad and hug you and i cant... guess wut .. my lil nefiew was borne the other day.. almost exactly 9 months after you died...his name is chance .. he is so cute... could you watch out for him... make sure he is always ok .. or maybe .. its you coming back into my life.. you know...i jus wish i did...

 i mis you so much ... i jus want you 2 come back... i need you.. i need to talk 2 u .. for you 2 make me feel better like you always did and stay up till 5 in the morning and make fun of boys and go to concerts and get the star shots we were supposed to get and go 2 fashon or beauti school  with me like we planed and grow up with me ..and go 2 prom with us and come to my wedding and i wanna go 2 urs and have babys 2 gether like we planed .... and best friends till we were old and wrinkly ... i want  all that .. we talked about it and i want it ... u weren't supposed to go .. u had so much 2 live for ... you had so many plans ....

i still dont get y u drove that car .. i jus wanna know y u did it ... remember the last time we talked .. u said i will c you later and i did 2 .. but we didnt .. i wanna c u ... i want you 2 come back... y did god do this ... y did he take you ... i cant get the day of ur funeral or viewing out of my head it plays over and over again every day...

im 17  i wasnt supposed to c my best friend put in the ground or in a coffin .. i hate this ... i hate the pain ... i want it to all go away .. i want you 2 come back and we will all wake up and it will b a bad dream.. none of this ever happened ... thats how it is suppose to be... this happens in movies not real life ... not ours,

♥ Rayni

From:       Brittany McDaniel
City_State: Bremerton, Wa
Date:       February 21, 2006
Time:       11:39 PM


I am touched by your story and how much you are loved. I want to send my prayers and support to your family. I hope all is well with you and your family.

With much love and prayers,

Brittany McDaniel

Date:       February 21, 2006
Time:       03:31 PM

i didn't know her but she sounded like a really sweet person
Everyone talks about how much they miss and love her! i wish i knew her :(

R.I.P Brittany Star Curcio <3

From:       David Sabet
City_State: San Clemente, CA
Date:       February 21, 2006
Time:       10:31 AM

My name is David Sabet and my daughter Gillian was killed in an automobile accident in May 2005.  We have received many visitor's from this site for Brittany and I wanted to visit.

I am struck by what a wonderful, powerful young woman she was and I am so saddened by your loss.

My deepest regards.  My wife, Donna, and I will keep Brittany and your family in our thoughts.

David Sabet

From:       bree-CA friend
Date:       February 19, 2006
Time:       10:04 AM

hey brittany!

oh my goodness! i just got done reading what your mom and dad wrote to you and im crying right now! awww i miss you sooooooo much!

today i have a cheer competition in Anaheim and yesterday it looks like all of the CA teams did pretty good but today is the awards and we have to perform once more! im really excited but i just wish that you were here to share the excitement with me and all your other friends in CA!

brittany! i cant even explain how much we all miss you soooooo much!!! well brittany, i have to get going because i have to go meet my team soon and so i just wanted to ask if you can please look over all of us and protect us from any injuries today and as i walk onto that floor today just know that im thinking of you always!

i love you brittany!

<3 bree

From:       shayna michelle brickman
City_State: san diego ca
Date:       February 18, 2006
Time:       01:01 AM


its almost a year
2 more months ='[
we miss you girl
<3love you britt

From:       Amanda
City_State: escondido,CA
Date:       February 18, 2006
Time:       12:06 AM


I miss you so incredibly much.  The pain has stayed the same from the day I found out the news, until now.

It will never go away.  A part of my heart went up to heaven with you on that sunday morning. You are so loved, so missed.

I will forever remember you, Beautiful girl.  I love you so much Brittany.

                             Rest In Peace Angel

City_State: Ramona CA
Date:       February 16, 2006
Time:       09:49 PM

I Didn't Know Brittany, But My Best Friend Went To School With Her, and I Know Girls That She Has Cheered With.

I Just Wanted To Let You All Know That Her Story and Her Life Really Make An Impact On Everyone That Hears It. She Seems Like a Beautiful Young Lady, and A Wonderful Person. Every time I Visit This Site, Her Myspace, Or Anything Else In Memory Of Her, I Get Overwhelmed In Tears.

She Is Looking Down On Her Family and Her Friends, and Will Be With You Every Step Of Your Life. She Will Guide You In The Right Direction and Keep You Warm and Safe Even On The The Most Dangerous and Cold Days.

She Will Forever Live On, And God Bless Your Family.

Sammi Roed....

From:       Seth Ward
Date:       February 16, 2006
Time:       02:56 PM

I can't imagine losing my baby. You are strong.

Date:       February 16, 2006
Time:       07:55 AM

Hey girly girl,

Well today is another day and I woke up thinking about you and the terrible dream I had the day I found about what had happened to you.

It was the morning that Jesus took you I woke up from a nightmare about your dad it was about 2:30 that morning of 4-24-05 and in the dream your dad was crying looking for me saying he needed me; when I woke up is was 2:30 a.m. and I could not go back to sleep and it was too early to call your dad, so I stayed up and decided to go to church early that sunday.

On the way there I was very uneasy.  I still had not spoken to your dad until much later that day when a voice inside me said "CALL HIM NOW" and that's when I did and he answered and I asked him "Tony I had a bad dream about you is everything ok" and he said "no Brittany was killed this morning" and all I remember is him asking how did you know and I said I had the dream. 

It is still so hard to believe that this happened to you it is like a nightmare and I wish we could all wake up and you would still be here. We miss you so very much and I think about you every day. I Wish we could have had A MILLION MORE DAYS WITH YOU even one more day.  You are so very heavy in my mind today. 

Please Rest In Peace "BRIGHT STAR".

From:       joanne Fieldson
City_State: County Durham, England
Date:       February 16, 2006
Time:       03:46 AM


I did not know Brittney but looking on the site i feel it was such a tragedy, she is the most beautiful girl who had everything going in life,

i feel upset that there is people in the world who do not care about life and some one like brittney is taken.  I feel so sorry for her. Brittney you were a very special person to many who knew you.

Lots of Love

From: lynn vazquez
City_State: chula vista
Date: February 14, 2006
Time: 08:15 AM

Hey girly girl,

I think about you every day and so does Cameron and Daniel.

It is amazing how these two little boys think about you every time they see something "PINK" and every time they see a wishing well and they want a penny to make a wish for you to come back.  I Pray for your mom and dad - the days seem to be getting worse and worse for them without you, everyone misses you so much and there is really not anything anyone can say to make they're pain go away.

You need to come and visit them and let them know that you are ok.  Your dad is not the same person I met so long ago - he doesn't know how to live without you Brittany.  Someday you will see your parents again but until then they need comfort and peace so please keep a hedge of protection around them.

We all love and miss you girly girl.  Cant wait to kiss you again and again and again l


Lynn & Kids especially Daniel & Cameron & Your Dad too!

From: Daddy
City_State: Escondido Ca
Date: February 13, 2006
Time: 08:54 PM

My Dearest Brittany,

As I sit here to write I cannot control the tears running down my face. I miss you as much today as the day you were taken from us! I went by your tree this morning before going on to another day at work. It was so lonely. There are no leaves right now, just branches and a few items and flowers left by others. I was taken back to that horrible night and getting the phone call I never wanted to ever receive...

We were so close. I say closer than any father and daughter could be! I miss your calls, smile and hearing I love you several times every day. I think about all the times when we would talk on the phone when you were little. Neither one ever wanted to be the first to hang up. Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy.... I miss that so much! We even did it for fun remembering those days just before you left for heaven. Heeeeeyyyyy

Brittany, I was working on my car over the weekend and looked across the street at the tree where you would stand and watch the neighborhood boys ride their skateboards and hang out. I still see you there sometimes when I look over. I remember the day that you asked me if you could go over and introduce yourself to them. As your father I felt a sense that my Baby is growing up and interested in boys. I said yes and you went over and talked to them. They liked you right away. Of course they did! What was not lo like?

I stood in the house looking out the window the whole time. It was really hard for me to see my little girl maturing. These boys would come to the house and ask for you when they knew it was your weekend with me. Many times you chose to do things with your friends rather them come. This was also something that was hard for me. My baby was growing up.

I am so sorry that this has all ended, Brittany. Life will never be the same without you!!! You are in my thoughts every minute of everyday. That will never go away. I will have to live out the rest of my life missing you until we meet again. I will see you again someday!

Cameron is doing really well as I'm sure you know.  He speaks of you often and has pictures of you at school that he can look at when he gets sad from missing you. His teacher asked me to bring them for him. She said that they really help on bad days.

Well Baby Girl,

Tomorrow is Valentines Day & You Are My Valentine forever. My Hero!!!

I Love You & I Miss You!!! Can't Wait To Kiss You!!! Again & Again & Again!!!



From: dennis lee eldridge
City_State: michigan city indiana 46360
Date: February 12, 2006
Time: 07:07 PM

Dear Starr,

Hello how are you? Me, I'm doing good.  How's the family doing?  Well, me and my wife are doing well.

I wanted to write you this letter to see how you are doing - I would like to hear from you - the sooner the better.  Well Starr, I know that your daughter has been gone for a very long time, but she is in a better place with God and all the angels in Heaven.

Starr, I read some of all the letters that are coming in.  Starr, my name is Dennis Lee Eldridge and I went to school with you.  So how is every one else doing?  I'm working here in town here in Michigan City Jewel . I'm going to be there for eighteen years total.

Well Starr, i just wanted to write a letter to you and your family.  Happy Valentines Day, Starr.  You take good care of yourself and your family.

My Dear Brittany,

I donít even know where to start.  It will soon be 10 months from when you left us.  I still feel empty, pain, fear, angry, and it all still seems so unfair.  I still sometimes feel that I canít believe it.  I still wake up and think it canít be true.  There hasnít been a morning that the first thing I see when I wake up is the vision of you laying on the ground at your accident site.  I go over and over it trying to understand it and remember every little detail.  It was the last moment I had with you and maybe Iím trying to hold on to that because Iím just not willing to let you go.  
Everyday my heart is struggling to get through this. I walk through life because I have to but feel Iím not even in it.  I feel so lost at the fact that I will never be with you again on this earth and it seems so long to have to wait to see you again.  I look at your picture now and it just breaks my heart to think of what has happen to you.  I see your friends all the time and itís so hard to watch them grow and go on with all the things that teens experience in their lives. I feel an ache in my heart that you never had that chance or ever will.  
I try so hard to just think about how happy you are and that you are in a place that we can not even imagine just so I can make through the day.  But, it all comes back to the same fact.  I want you here with us and your family.  I miss you so badÖyour laugh, eyes, smiles, voice, singing, crying, hugs, and craziness.  
I feel so lonely without you.  Most people have gone on with their life and we all knew that would happen but I never will and I will always forever feel the constant pain in my heart and ache that you are not here.  Nothing will ever be the same without you.  You will always be my best friend and angel.  Nothing will ever be able to replace the relationship and bond that you and I shared.  Iím just so broken without you and cannot wait until the day I will feel whole again with you.
My love to you always and forever,


From:        KARISA NIGRO
Date:        February 11, 2006
Time:        07:46 PM





=)  KEEP YOUR SMILE ON GIRL11111111111

From:        Valerie Adams
City_State:  San Diego CA
Date:        February 11, 2006
Time:        01:47 PM


i hope that you're having a good time in heaven.

A few days ago, i got in a car accident.

Like you, i wasn't wearing a seatbelt, but it was because the seat i was in didn't have one. We slammed really hard into the car in front of us and the impact from the crash threw us forward. Miraculously, i walked away without a scratch, my other friends weren't as lucky.

 After the accident, we were talking about how the middle seat, which i was in, was the seat that was the most dangerous to be in during the accident, and how i should of gotten hurt more than i actually did. Especially since it was the only seat in the car without a seatbelt.

Another ironic part to the accident is that i usually sit in the front seat, which happened to be the seat with where the passenger was hurt the most. The one time that i don't sit in the front, is the one time we got into the accident.I feel really lucky and blessed to be ok. I honestly feel that you were watching over, and protecting me. The fact that it would of been so easy for me to get hurt, but didn't is the best part of all. Thank you for watching over me, Brittany. I love and miss you so much, i can't stop thinking of you ever since Wednesday.



From:        Shanae
Date:        February 10, 2006

 Hey Brittany,

 I'm leaving for Cheer Nationals in a few hours. i'll be getting on a plane to Dallas, wish you were here to come with us and be on the floor with us.

Its been a great season this year and every CA team won last weekend at Spirit Sports, we beat Champion and moved up a level a few minutes before competing.

You would of loved the adrenalin. Miss you and love you, and your bracelet is on my cheer backpack, and i have a scar from basing you
last year and i look at it everyday and think of you. Keep all the CA teams safe on the planes, and some how change the scores so we all get 1st ( it would be the first california team ever to win....and if we win, ill just look up and say thank you !)

 i need to see your mom again, its been a while.  I know your having a great time flying around, but just come back, everyone
misses you.

love always- Shanae

City_State:  mc .in
Date:        February 09, 2006
Time:        10:36 AM

brittany was like a sister to me and  i know  how  much baylee and gia miss her.

Um she was very nice to me and me and brittany have long hair the same color too

star i know how much you miss brittany but it's ok to be sad

Date:        February 04, 2006
Time:        10:48 PM

there's not a minute that goes by in a day, where i dont think of you.
i miss you. and i know for a fact i can say that for everyone else.

City_State:  san diego, california
Date:        February 01, 2006
Time:        09:11 PM

Brit i miss u so much u dont even no it. There hasn't been one single day i havent thought about u. See ya soon in heaven