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By: Na Leo Pilimehana

November 2005

From: Jordan Hayes
City_State: Escondido , Ca
Date: November 30, 2005
Time: 07:26 PM

I didnt know brittany but i did cheer with the California all stars and let me tell you - wow she was great cheerleader and i just wanted to say im so sorry and i and the ca all stars will miss her to in loving memory of brittany you will fly with angels and you will be in the right spot were all the angels fly

love jordan

From: Lexi
City_State: el cajon, ca
Date: November 28, 2005
Time: 11:04 PM


Its been a while since ive been here. i still really cant believe this all happened. i mean i know it happened, i know its real but i don't see why it had to happen to you. There still isn't a day that passes that i don't think of you and smile. sometimes i tear up but mostly i just smile because i know that you lived such a good life and you wouldn't want me to be sad anymore. i know you would just want me to be happy...just like you always were. my sweet 16 is coming soon....i'm sad your not gonna be here. but i know you wont miss it because youll be watching me from heaven. well i love you to the moon and back and i miss you even more!!!


From: Rebecca Wilner
City_State: Monterey Bay, CA
Date: November 24, 2005
Time: 10:37 PM


Today is 7 months, on a day we are supposed to give thanks for everyone in our lives. But what do you do when one of those people who really touched your heart is no longer there for you?

I never knew you but after you died I learned about your story and the beautiful life you lived. For wherever you are, you are watching over your family this evening and every other evening. I am thankful that you are not suffering and am thankful that your sisters and brothers will ALWAYS have someone watching over them. God Bless you Brittany. Rest in Peace sweet butterfly.

Tears came to my eyes when I read a comment your mom recently wrote. She said that she struggles everyday and the only thing keeping her strong are your sisters. I also read about the picture Baylee found in her room that you made for her, with the butterfly on it. Also when your mom wrote about how Gia commented that your mom used to have a little silver car and that she wants you back. Time does not ease the pain, like your mom stated. It only reminds us that you are no longer with us.

I was up this morning at 2:20am and just cried. While I was in my warm bed with my sister a few doors down the hallway and parents room at the other end of our house, you got into the tragic accident. How is it possible that someone like you was ripped away from your family? It's not fair. I think it is impossible to answer the question of why you were taken from your family. The memories will last and that is what your Mom and sisters will remember you by.

RIP Sweet Butterfly,

Rebecca H. Wilner

City_State: CA
Date: November 24, 2005
Time: 06:44 PM

I am always thinking about your family... and I just cant believe how touched I am by Brittany's story. I have been looking at this site and her myspace since her passing and I just continue to look at it all the time. my love goes out to all of your family!

From: Christine
City-State: Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA
Date: November 24, 2005
Time: 12:02 PM

Dear Star and Greg, Tony, Steve, Geoffrey, Baylee, Cameron and Giavanna,

I'm sending you all my love and prayers on this very difficult day.  I know that something is missing and it feels like the emptiness will never go away.

It will be hard today to watch others as they enjoy their time with their families - feeling that your family is no longer complete.  So many emotions, so many thoughts.  It will be hard to want to do anything today.  But the tears will come easily enough.  So let them come and wash away some of the hurt. 

In those brief moments when a smile comes to your lips, I know it will come from your children as they remember a special time with their Sissy.  I sometimes watch the little video clip of Geoffrey and Brittany goofing around...although Brittany isn't in it because she was taping her big brother, you can hear her laughing in the background with Geoffrey at some private joke they shared.  I love to hear her giggle.

Please know that it is at times like these when I have prayed that God will take you in and hold you even closer....close enough to feel His Strength and close enough to feel Britt Britt's love.

Let your children be the ones to bring a smile to your face.  In their innocence and their love for their sister, let their love and devotion help to heal you and give you a reason to continue on.  Star, you are my friend and we have shared so much - I know this hurts really bad and I am so sorry it has to be this way.

As always, I am here for you.  All of you.  Know that there is a community in San Diego that loves and supports you, and many, many people from different states that are thinking of you all today and sending you their love.

With much love,


"It takes both the sunshine and the rain to make a rainbow..."

From: Mary
Date: November 24, 2005
Time: 11:53 AM

To Brittany's family and friends,

May God bless you through this holiday season. I am sure Brittany is with you and I hope she will guide you and give you the strength to be strong.

Although I did not know Brittany and live on the east coast, I often visit this website and send prayers your way. Her story has touched me and I admire the way you have memorialized her. She will never, ever, be forgotten and she will always live on in our hearts.

With love,


From: Shayna Brickman
Date: November 24, 2005
Time: 03:30 AM

oh yeah...

happy thanksgiving hunn
have a happy feast with the angels


From: Shayna Brickman
City-State: san diego,ca
Date: November 24, 2005
Time: 03:29 AM

7 months exactly..
yea its 2:30am
i stayed up just for this
omg im crying so much
i feel the pain
i cant fall asleep
ahh omg

brittany star curcio
do me a favor::watch over every underage driver.
please and thank you

<3love you britt
7 monthts [[tear]] its been 7 months wow='[

From: Shayna Brickman
City-State: san diego,ca
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Date: November 24, 2005
Time: 02:14 AM


yea today is the 24th..7 months since you've been gone...i dont think i can stay up till 2:30 but if i am ill drop by again... its 1:11 right now and i cant stop crying='[

we miss you britt more then anything....
RB high misses you
rb misses you
your friends miss you
your family oh my misses you
your mom misses you more then any living thing

omg i cant believe its been 7 whole months...
[[tear tear tear]]

well got to go but i told you id stop back in to say hi. so here it is..

ill try to comment at 2:30
miss you


From: Tammy Rydahl
City-State: San Diego
Date: November 23, 2005
Time: 10:14 PM

Dearest Brittany~

Tomorrow will be a very hard day for many. Thanksgiving without you will be very difficult for your family and to add to their pain it is also the 24th. 7 months to the day of your tragic accident. Be with your family tomorrow - I know they will need to feel you with them.

Your sisters have spent the past 2 days with me and my family. We have become close and just love them so much. They openly talk about you as if you are still here. It warms my heart to hear them talk about you. They sure do love you a lot!

The impact that your death has had on so many still amazes me. People you knew well and people you never knew - in some way it is all part of God's plan I know, but I just wish we could understand it. You have touched the lives and hearts of so many people!!

Still missing you~


City-State: San Diego, CA
Date: November 23, 2005
Time: 09:50 AM


I've never met you, but I've met your family, and see your sisters often. I'm not really understanding why I am so taken with you, or your story. Is it because I'm a mom with little ones, and can't imagine what I would do if I lost them? Is it because I second guess myself as a mother all the time, and am trying to learn something from all of this? Or is it that I jog past your memorial almost every day, see your beautiful eyes in my mind, and can't fathom what your parents must be feeling?

Nonetheless, I wish I could cash in a favor with God and ask for you to walk into your mother's arms, and make her whole again. I hate that you had to die in order for people to learn a lesson, and hope that somehow, although I didn't know you, you will help guide me to make the right decisions for my children until they are old enough to make the right decisions for themselves.

Rest with God, fly with angels, and watch over your family. You were and are so loved.

From: Britney Boles
City-State: Stokesday, North Carolina
Date: November 22, 2005
Time: 11:58 AM

hi.. i know that you don't know me.. but i'm in keyboarding right now.. and cheerleading is very much my life and as i was visiting a site that my friend sarah used to cheer for i came across the site and i read about how you died and how cheerleading was your life. i just wanted to say that i'm terribly sorry about this tragedy.. your family is in my thoughts and prayers.. =D

From: Shayna Brickman
City_State: san diego, ca
Date: November 22, 2005
Time: 11:19 AM


in two more days it will be 7 months since you passed away. and left us all. whenever i go to school [oak valley] i always make sure to go down that rode just so i can see your tree. yep its still there and when i walk home i cant help it but make a few tears. i wear your "brittany star" bracelet 24/7 yea i never take it off not for the shower not for sleep not even for volleyball its always with me.

love you britt<3
hope your having fun with all the other angels you met im sure you met a lot.!.

talk to you in 2 days.....


From: Mommy
Date: November 21, 2005
Time: 12:04 AM

Hi Baby Girl,

Where do I startÖ? I somehow write on here hoping you can read this. I want to believe somehow I can communicate with you. I even wait thinking youíll somehow respond back to us.

I miss you so much honey, it's killing me. I go through everyday one hour at a time and finally at the end of the day itís always the sameÖ something is always missing and that something is always youÖ

The holidays are coming and nothing will be the same ever. Iíve decided I won't be doing anything for Thanksgiving itís much too painful without you. I canít imagine trying to cook a dinner and you not there to help me. I could never sit down for dinner and know that you will never have another Thanksgiving dinner with us. Our tradition of going around the table so everyone can say what we are thankful for this year is now over. I canít even think about Christmas without you. Family rituals we cherished now feel torn apart and discarded.

My life will never be the same without you. Time is not a healer. Time is a constant reminder of what we no longer have. The future that no longer exist for you or us. Nothing seems fair anymore. How can this really have happened?? I will never be able to just except your death. I find myself feeling this just couldnít have happened to us. This just could not be my life. I still just want to wake up, go to your room and wake you for school. Every morning I wake up I just relive the same nightmare that I canít go wake you. I canít walk in your room and see you sitting in front of the mirror putting your makeup on or walk by the bathroom and see you straighten your beautiful long hair. I would do anything to hear you laugh with me again. Itís the little things we take for granted that I would give anything for right now.

Baylee and Giavanna have been having such a hard time without you too. They constantly talk about how much they want you to come back and how they wish they could change things.

Gia even today said, ďMommy, you use to have a silver little car and I said, "Yes, I did."

She said, "I wish you could have that car again and Brittany could come back from heaven.Ē

Poor little thing really just thinks itís that easy. Baylee found a picture n her room that you guys made together. Strange thing about it itís a picture of a sunset, a tree and a butterfly flying in the middle on a pink background. You wrote,"To: Baylee From: Britt." She came to me when she found it and said, ďLook MomÖI remember when Brittany and I sat in my room on the floor making this picture.  I was bored and I asked Brittany to make a picture with me and she said sure.Ē

You loved your sisters so much and they are so proud to have you as their big sister.

Brittany, Iím so sad and lonely without you. You and I had so much together as a mother and daughter. And that is why I will never be okay without you. Our relationship was so specialÖreally one of a kind. I will always be so proud to have you as my daughter. Iím trying to hold on everyday but I just feel the pain is heavier and heavier with each passing day. Iím really trying to survive for your sisters but sometimes itís really just too much to endure. Unless, you have lost a child no one can understand that.

You are the most loving, wonderful, beautiful daughter and friend. You are so deeply missed by all of us. Please help your Dad and me both to find the strength each day to survive. Knowing I will once again be with you is my only strength right now. I look forward so much to the day when I can once again hold you in my arms and tell you all the things I didnít get to say before you were ripped away from me. I look forward to the life we will once again share together forever.

All my love you now and forever,


From: rayni koelln
City_State: sd ca
Date: November 19, 2005
Time: 07:03 PM

hey baby ...well i am at your house watching the girls... i was sitting in ur living room and looking up at ur room and i cant help but cry ... lat night i watched amnivill... 4 the first time . i still cant help but think if i hadn't gone 2 c that movie and came over here like i was supposed to u would still b alive ... i miss you u were and still are my best friend and i love you ... i have so much going on in my life that i jus wanna talk 2 you about and laugh about with you and i need ur advice ... u always knew wut 2 say lol... k i need 2 get back 2 the girls and i am making ur fav mac and cheese lol ...

love you xoxoxoxoxo i miss you and will never away butterfly...


From: Mark Rein
City_State: Louisville, KY
Date: November 08, 2005
Time: 01:21 AM

So just like every other night, its 3am and I cant sleep cause all I do is toss and turn and think about all the memories I have with Brittany.

Each one making me so happy I was able to share it with her, but at the same time so sad that I will never be able to see her again. I remember how happy I got every time I was able to see her. I would always try to get to practice early enough so I could see her, though I'd of course try to make it look coincidental. And then Robbi would always tell me to go away cause i was being distracting :)

I remember the first bonfire I went to with her, the first movie we watched, the first dinner we got together...everything. How we had our differences, but still cared so much for each other throughout it even if we didn't admit it. I remember making up and how happy i was to tell her how much she meant again.

I remember in Vegas how we spent about 2 hours trying to find each other at Caesar's Palace, but never did tell we both got back to our hotel. And then we still managed to go to the Stratosphere at like 2am when we had to compete the next day....but I am so glad we did.

I find it so Ironic that the wristband I had left when i spent the night all about making smart choices, was the one she gave back to me 3 days before her accident. It all just still doesn't seem real or fair. I can't help but feel if I had gone to see her that night like she wanted, none of this would have happened. I remember saying goodnight to her but not 30 min before it all happened. And then waking up with Instant Messages from people telling me to call them, and away messages saying RIP. I didn't believe it. i said nice try, i talked to her last night. and then when my coach called me, i knew it was true. i didn't know what to say, what to do, how to react.

I just wish I would have had the chance to tell her that even though i was going to college, i would want to make it work, but i never got that chance and i never will. i miss her every day.

heck, i put on HBO and Van Helsing was on and i thought about her. Now i know that sounds awkward, but it was the first movie we watched together. Its always those little things that just start me thinking and keep me up all night. I have a big picture of us and a note she wrote me right above my desk. I just love her so much and wish she was still here.

Every time i try to meet a girl, all i do is compare her to Brittany and no one ever seems to come close to how great she was. I feel like I just can't write all that needs to be written. I don't know how to put everything into words. All this is just a fraction of all that is going through my head.

I will always miss and always love you Brittany! ALWAYS!


Looking at your picture from when we first met
You gave me a smile that I could never forget
And nothing I could do could protect me from you that night

Wrapped around your finger, Always in my mind

The days they blend 'cause we stayed up all night

Yeah, you and I were everything, everything to me

I just want you to know that Iíve been fighting to let you go

Some days Iíll make it through, and then thereís nights that never end

I wish that I could believe that thereís a day youíll come back to me

But still I have to say I would do it all again, just want you to know

All the doors are closing

Iím trying to move ahead
And deep inside I wish it was me instead
My dreams are empty from the day
The day you slipped away

And I just want you to know that Iíve been fighting to let you go

Some days Iíll make it through, and then thereís nights that never end

I wish that I could believe that thereís a day youíll come back to me

But still I have to say I would do it all again, just want you to know

That since I lost you, I lost myself
I know I canít fake it, thereís no one else

I just want you to know that Iíve been fighting to let you go

Some days Iíll make it through, and then thereís nights that never end

I wish that I could believe that thereís a day youíll come back to me

But still I have to say I would do it all again, just want you to know"


From: Ashley
City_State: San Diego, Ca
Date: November 13, 2005
Time: 09:42 PM

the dedication video for brittany at the cox arena was beautiful. it brought tears to my eyes. we all miss you so much, britt!


From: Rebecca Wilner
City_State: Monterey Bay, California
Date: November 12, 2005
Time: 09:29 PM

I still continue to think of Brittany a lot and pray for her family, especially her 2 younger sisters.

God Bless.
Rest in Peace sweet butterfly.

From: Tiffany
City_State: Poway
Date: November 09, 2005
Time: 07:04 PM

Brittany I miss you so much and not a day goes by that I don't remember your face and your smile! I remember all the time we spent with each other, all the games we played, all the songs we sung.

I wish that this whole situation was a movie and I could rewind it and make my own ending. But I know I cant because it isn't my movie its God's. I can't wait until the day I get to hug you again and we get to laugh and have more great times with each other.

You are my angel, my shinning star. I love you so much and miss you like crazy. You will always have a place in my heart. I love you!!!!


From: Amanda
City_State: Michigan City
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Date: November 08, 2005
Time: 01:16 PM

Hey my name is amanda i never got the opportunity to meet brittany, but from what i read and heard from the people that did know her she was a very inspiring person. I would like to know if there is anyway i can help or anything that i can do?? I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.

From: Marc
City_State: san diego, california
Date: November 08, 2005
Time: 03:25 AM

We all miss u and love you very much!!!!! =(

City_State: San Diego, CA
Date: November 07, 2005
Time: 09:24 PM

hey brittany,

i just wanted to stop by and say hi and see how things are going. i was thinking about how nice it would be if my friend was still here to help with some things which made you come to mind and how your friends and family feel right now.

i didn't know you at all, but i pray for you to come back just because i don't want your friends and family to hurt the way we do now that we have lost someone close to us.

it's the most empty feeling you can imagine. i better go, but i hope things are going well for you.

say hi to jake if you see him. <3

From: Brittny Beam
City_State: Mason, Texas
Date: November 07, 2005
Time: 04:16 PM

I just found out about this sight yesterday, but i have cried my eyes out since. I also prayed for the Curcio and Mumma family last night,

 Brittany i hope you heard my prayer. I tried to watch your video, but it won't work at my house or at my friend's house so if someone you could e-mail it to me at, I would really appreciate it.

I would also like to talk to someone about Star, Tony and Brittany's family to come visit my school I would love to meet them. I am so proud of your family Brittany they have a lot of strength to make it through this long. All of you are in my prayers every night. Fly high Brittany and help your family start flying high again!!


City-State: Albany, Oregon
Date: November 05, 2005
Time: 10:49 PM

I was referred to this site by another parent and wanted to send my condolences and prayers to Brittany's family and friends even though I live out of state and didn't know her.

Our community was recently shaken up by the loss of a 14 year old girl who was hit by a car at a crosswalk while out with friends. She was also a cheerleader like Brittany and her story reminds me a lot like Brittany's story.[/url

I think it would be helpful if we could implement the Starr program here too. I'm interested in hearing more about it.

It sounds like a wonderful program for youth and I hope that its message reaches out to many young people.

God bless you and may your memories of Brittany shine bright!

Date: November 05, 2005
Time: 06:54 PM

i never knew you but i know how it feels to ..go.. my dad was the first.. u were the second that i know of and then one of my best friends went with u ... plz be safe up there and i hope your having a great time on your flight.

From: Laura
City_State: San Diego, CA
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Date: November 04, 2005
Time: 01:05 PM

I would like to take a moment to write to Brittany's family...

I hope that everyone is doing better and that they are trying to make it through this unfortunate incident. I pray for all of you every night to be able to live with this another day...

* God bless you... *

From: barbara
City_State: michigan city IN
Date: November 04, 2005
Time: 08:23 AM







From: Ed Woods
City-State: Rancho PeŮasquitos, CA
Date: November 03, 2005
Time: 10:27 PM

This should be shared with Brittany's family and friends. It is a recent dedication in Brittany Star Curcio's honor during the 2005 Palomar Conference Cheer and Dance Competition which was held in San Diego, California at the COX Arena on October 23, 2005.

City_State: san diego california
Date: November 03, 2005
Time: 02:43 PM

hey brittany love.

hows everything going?

i hope your extremely happy, and everything going how you want it to.

today i have been thinking about you alot. just thinking about how life would be and what you'd be doing.

each day that goes by i think more and more of how much i miss you. i feel super terrible. its been 6 months and yet it seems like its been forever, i want you back here so much. life just isn't the same anymore. i dont think time will ever change the way everyone feels. we'll always love you.

i wish there was something i could do somehow to bring you back here today. everytime i come on here i think i know what i want to say to you. but then when i start typing i totally dont know what to say. i know why god wanted you. but i dont understand why he needed you know. you were always so full of life. you loved every person you ever meet. if anyone has ever made the most of life , its YOU.

im so proud of your parents with being so strong. i know how i feel and they must feel 5456451456484 times worse than me.

ive gone around school and told everyone about the s.t.a.a.r program because i think its so awesome.

well babe ill let you go. but thanks for your time.
please watch over me and help me out through life.

ily and miss you tons.
i cant wait till i go to heaven and see you.

<33333333 R.I.P
4/24/05 never forget!

eMail: princessalexakae@sbcglobal
City_State: mc in
Date: November 02, 2005
Time: 09:20 AM

brittany was like a friend sisters bayle gia are so sad to see there sister go away like that and i am sad to see my friend brittany star curcio go away to.

i know how hard is to lose somebody in your family i lost somebody in family my grapa dean he was my dad, dad and mind and mind brother grapa dean he bring my dad food at work and get us that is me and JACOB SOME FOOD TO AND HE SAY LOOK AT THE BIG HOT DOG WALKING DOWN THE STREET AND HE SAY A QUITTER NEVER WIN AND WINNER NEVER QUIT