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By: Na Leo Pilimehana

Monday, May 30, 2005

Date: May 30, 2005
Time: 04:35 PM


Hi Babygirl...

I miss you so much, I love you. I know you're in better hands. And I know you're happy, and flying with angels, I Love you.

I also found a memorial site for you..

You look so beautiful in your pictures.

I love you Angel


From: Elizabeth P
City-State: San Diego, Ca
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Date: May 30, 2005
Time: 01:37 PM

Hey Brittany!

We are all remembering you on this memorial day even though you weren't a soldier we still remember you on this memorial day. Sorry if I repeat myself. I always hear this song by New Found Glory and it makes me think of you now. So I hope you enjoy it! Happy Memorial day!!! We Will Never Forget YOU!!!! WE LUV YOU!!!

I'm sorry
I heard about the bad news today
a crowd of people around you
telling you it's ok
and everything happens for a reason

when you lose a part of yourself to somebody you know
it takes a lot to let go
every breath that you remember
pictures fade away, but memory's forever

an empty chair at all the tables
and always seeing you when all my days boil down
but its better where you're going anyway

I'm sorry
I heard about the bad news today
it's really hard to get through
tough times and long days
but it really just depends on the season

for now we'll say good bye
we know it's not the last time
I lost the best part of my day
but its better where you're going anyway

<3 Elizabeth