You are listening to "Flying with Angels"

By: Na Leo Pilimehana

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

From: Anthony Curcio ( Daddy )
City-State: Escondido Ca
Date: May 25, 2005
Time: 09:53 PM

Baby Girl,

I wanted to write last night after the vigil, but I could not find the words. I don't know why? There are so many thing I have to say... I know that if I could just pick up the phone and find you on the other end we could talk forever about everything.

When your friends cleaned out your locker at school, they put your things in your room. I took each item of clothing out of the bag and held them to my face. It was you! I went into your room at the end of the day and held your pillows and sheets and again it's you. It's your scent. I hope that it never fades.

I must go for now, Please visit me.

Love you & I miss you, can't wait to kiss you!!!

Sweet Dreams Pumpkin,



From: Amanda
City-State: Poway CA
Date: May 25, 2005
Time: 10:12 PM


Hey baby,
I finally got a pink bracelet last night! It was nice to hear all the wonderful stories about you and just remember how amazing you were and still are up in heaven. Im trying so hard to regret what I didnt do and when I didnt take the time to talk to you. I know I shouldn't because you cant change the past but I so wish I could. Im moving up to washington and wont be able to visit the accident site and the cemetery as much but I know I will look at this site everyday. Just so I can keep your beautiful smile in my head and when things get rough remember how you used to always make me feel better. everytime I look at my wrist I will remember that you are looking down on me and everyone else that is hurting because your gone. I promise that everytime I come down here I will visit you! Please visit me while Im in Washington! It would be really comforting to feel you beside me! Well I must go to bed!

I love you sweet angel,


From: Alex Pollock
City-State: Michigan City, IN
Date: May 25, 2005
Time: 09:14 PM


I cannot believe it has been over a month already, it seems like I was just out there not too long ago celebrating my ninth birthday with the whole family and that has even been ten years now.

Star, my thoughts are still with you because I know this is still extremely difficult. I miss you!

From: Shayna Brickman
City-State: san diego ca
Date: May 25, 2005
Time: 08:50 PM

hey britnnays family,

i dnt believe i knew brittnay but i probably did i went to BHMS n everyday i went ovr to RBHS n i probably saw her! the accident happened rite by my house in the Terreno development n when i hurd about it i started crying! she was so pretty!! n i ddnt think some1 like her so nice n pretty wuld do that! if Starlene Mumma is reading this u mite know my mom she owns the beauty supply n salon in mission valley called In Style!her name is Julie Brickman im sure u know her! i am so srry for her loss i wish i knew her bttr!! i pray for you every nite n i was so mad n sad at myself for missing the vigil hopefully u have another one cuz i wuld love to attend! best wishes to you and the family!!


From: Elizabeth
City_State: San Diego, Ca
Date: May 25, 2005
Time: 01:51 PM

To Brittany's family!
I am sorry about your loss of a sweet girl. I went to RBHS and graduated in 2004. I hope that all is going some what smooth for you. I can imagine all the pain and hurt you feel, but Brittany is every where you turn the mother earth, father sky, the sun and the wind. So each time the wind blows she has stopped by to say hello. I will pray for you all even though you may not know me, I think everyone should have a caring heart.

with love,


From: tanya nicole luxenburg
Date: May 25, 2005
Time: 12:05 PM

hello angel =)

i FINALLY got one of your pink bracelets today..

i wear it proudly with my LIVESTRONG bracelet and my STRENGTH for breast cancer bracelet... its nice to look down at my wrist when i write a letter, or type on the computer and see your beautiful name, BRITTANY STAR in favorite color too =)

i love you sweetie
i still call your cell phone every day
i miss your voice
and your smile

i must say this site is indeed comforting...i get to look at your face every day by coming here...and i get to see how much you made an impact on our lives

visit me soon =)
i enjoy your company