You are listening to "Flying with Angels"

By: Na Leo Pilimehana

Thursday, May 19, 2005

From: Laura Nottebaum
City-State: San Diego, CA
Date: May 19, 2005
Time: 09:58 PM

Oh Brittany,

How you are missed and loved more than you'll ever know. Every heart aches, every soul is empty and yet our memories are many. The sadness and darkness within us that your death has caused does not compare to the endless laughter, smiles and feelings of happiness you gave each and everyone of us who had the pleasure of knowing you.

The road we must travel from April 24th on is a long and difficult one. One none of us ever dreamed of taking. One we're not sure how to maneuver or even bare. Each day rolls into the next and yet it still seems like moments ago we got the call. The sting is still so painful and the reality so surreal.

We long for your smile, contagious laughter, the warmth of your touch. Yet you are everywhere, in everyone, in everything we do, see and feel. Are we sad, yes. Are we lonely, of course. Do we want you here with us, selfishly without a doubt.

God has you now, you're flying high with the angels. Guiding, sharing with and praying for us. Though you are not here physically, you are here within us. We love you Brittany Star more than words can say and tears that flow. We know your kind, loving spirit is comforting us all.

I promise to be here for your mom, to listen to, cry with, absorb her anger, comfort her why's and walk next to her during this very difficult and dark time. We love you and miss you soooo much.

But being the BRIGHT loving Star that you are, we will get through this with you, beside us and flying high above us until we meet again at the pearling gates of heaven.

Fly high our butterfly! And God Bless You!!

Love Always and forever,



Date: May 19, 2005
Time: 09:11 PM


You are an inspiring person and cheerleader! I am sorry that you had to leave us, but now you are looking down over us from the great place, Heaven.

You are an amazing flyer and even though you are not down here with us you are still in our thoughts, dreams, hearts, and minds all of the time-flying with the angels.

I cheered for CA allstars as well and although i did not know you, i saw your inspirational smile in videos and pictures. I LOve you with all of my heart and will always be thinking of you and your family...

With much love,


City-State: Polson, MT
Date: May 19, 2005
Time: 08:38 PM

They shine a little brighter, they feel a little more
They touch your life in ways no one has ever done before
They love a little stronger, they live to give their best
They make our lives so blessed, so why do they go so soon?

The ones with souls so beautiful I heard someone say...
There must be borrowed angels, here in this life
They come along, into this world, and make this world bright

But they can't stay forever Cause they're heaven sent.

And sometimes, heaven needs them back again.


They reach a little deeper, they see what's in your soul

 And even when they leave you know, you'll never let them go

The world's a little richer, just cause they came along

Their love goes on and on, so why do they go so soon?


The ones with souls so beautiful. I heard someone say...

There must be borrowed angels, here in this life

They came along, into this world, and make this world bright

They can't stay forever, cause they're heaven sent


And sometimes, heaven needs them back again.

How else can you explain why they're here and not here to stay?

I believe there must be, must be, Borrowed Angels, here in this life.

I did not know Brittany, but from everything I have learned about here from this beautiful web site, when I heard this song, I thought of her.


Bless all of you.



From: Chelsea
City_State: Caledonia, Mississippi
Date: May 19, 2005
Time: 04:01 PM

I don't live in California anymore - But I'm sorry for you lose and she's in a better place! And I don't even no her but i'm sure she was a great person!!

We miss you!

From: Demian Willis
Date: May 19, 2005
Time: 03:29 PM


Starlene and family

I was so sorry to hear of your loss. I just found out today and it was like someone kicked me in the stomach. I remember going to school (NU) with Starlene and comparing "notes" about our kids.

I remember how proud Starlene was of Brittany and how she would go on and on about the cheerleading events. Star would always get so excited when speaking about her children and you could obviously tell they were the most important thing in her life

Our thoughts and Prayers are with you all !!

Sincerely Sonia and Demian Willis

From: Cassie Jones
City_State: Beckley WV
Date: May 19, 2005
Time: 09:46 AM


I didn't know Brittany but I cried the whole time I read this webpage. She was a very beautiful girl and I give my deepest apology to all of her family and friends. She was very loved and I know she is looking down on you all.

Date: May 19, 2005
Time: 08:56 AM

This loss has touched so many, and my prayers are with your family and those close to Brittany. May your beautiful angel peacefully rest as she continues to touch others.

From: Amanda
City_State: poway ca
Date: May 19, 2005
Time: 12:42 AM

Hey Britt,

I still can't believe you're gone sweetie. I remember all the times we had in 8th grade and 9th grade P.E.! Those were funny times! I remember how fun your birthday party was last summer and how I was so mad I had to leave early. You always put a smile on peoples faces and knew just the right thing to say when I was down. Your happiness was contagious and I could never stay sad about anything as long as you were around. We didn't talk a lot this year and I regret that so much because I love you with all my heart and wished you could have known. Well I hope you can read this and see that I love you so much and I know you're flying with the angels and I will be there with you someday!

To Brittany's mom:
I am so sorry for your loss and I know this is really hard for you. Your daughter loved you will all her heart and I know she's looking down and asking god for you to be happy. I told you this so many times as the memorial service but I must tell you again: Your daughter was a beautiful girl and she was so loved by everyone. She had a smile that lit up an entire room and her laugh brought smiles to everyone's faces. She was an amazing cheerleader and you should be so proud of her accomplishments. She loved you with all her heart and never failed to tell me. I met you for the first time at her birthday party last year and knew you and Brittany were two in the same. Just know that she's looking down on you and will always be with you! Tell her siblings that she loved then very much and will always be with them.

To Brittany's Dad:
You were so strong and the memorial and gave me comfort. I didn't get to know you that well but I know you are a strong person and that you will be ok. Just remember your daughter lives on in spirit and will never truly be gone. She was an amazing girl and will always be loved and remembered! Tell her siblings that she loved then very much and will always be with them.

To Brittany's family:
I am so sorry for your loss! Brittany was an amazing girl and you should be so proud that you were related to her! I loved her with all my heart and will never forget her. The one thing you all must understand is that she wants you to stay strong more than anything. All of us will see her again but now is not the time. I know it's hard to hear that this was Gods plan because it doesn't seem fair. But she's up there for a reason. And we will meet her again soon. Stay strong!

If any of you ever need a shoulder to cry on or someone just to be there with you, you can always call me. I loved your daughter with all my heart and will help you anyway I can because if you are as great and she said you were then it would be an honor to get to know you. (858) 243-2606 < cell or

Brittany, sweet, beautiful angel, you will always be in our hearts