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By: Na Leo Pilimehana

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

From: angela
Date: May 10, 2005
Time: 11:04 PM

i didn't know brittany but i have some friends at rancho and some friends that went to middle school with her.  i just wanted to let you know my prayers are with you and her. she is a beautiful girl and i heard she was an amazing girl.

now you have an amazing guardian angel watching over you. you did a very good job with this site. it has touched many hearts of even random people who have come across it not even knowing your wonderful child.

it takes a lot for me to cry and my eyes were flowing with tears. just know she's watching over you.

<3 angela

From: Tammy Rydahl
City_State: San Diego, CA
Date: May 10, 2005
Time: 07:57 PM


I posted a message to you on May 2nd and it was one that was lost. I want to tell the story again. I heard about the tragic accident on the Monday afterwards. My heart broke and I drove by the accident site over and over. (more times than I can count) Each time saying a prayer for the family of the 15 year old girl who was taken much too early. Not until Saturday evening did I find out that the 15 year old girl was your daughter. On my way home that evening I stopped at the accident site and got out for the first time. I wished I had done that sooner.

Everyone has done a fabulous job at making this tribute to Brittany truly amazing. I am drawn to the website almost daily. You were in my thoughts and prayers a lot on Mother's Day. I hope you are finding comfort somewhere. I want to call soon, Jordyn wants to bring Baylee flowers - would that be ok?? I'll be in touch and will continue to pray that God wraps his arms around you and brings you comfort.

With deep sorrow,

Tammy Rydahl

From: Coach Suzanne
Date: May 10, 2005
Time: 06:51 PM

I posted a note awhile ago and it must have been lost. I just wanted to share how much I adored coaching Brittany, and then, last year, coaching Baylee as well. Brittany would stop by and help Haley, my daughter, with our little Flag girls and she was so sweet with them. They (Brittany and Baylee) are both beautiful girls, who loved each other so much. I can't even imagine the pain your family is experiencing...I still cry over this each day.

I thought about Star the whole day on Sunday, Mother's Day. I went to one of my former students' First Holy Communion...I thought so much about all of this and prayed for you all to find some sort of comfort. Brittany definitely touched so many lives directly and indirectly, had a beautiful heart and soul, and was like a beautiful. She really set the example for our Nationals cheer squad being one of the senior members. I wanted her to teach her squad her makeup techniques, because she had that down! Star and I spent a lot of time on the phone talking about how to protect her while she was a flier (because a freak accident the year before left her with a broken ankle). Brittany was actually kind of mad at me for being overprotective and she let her mom know it!

I truly loved Brittany, as I do all the girls I've coached. They have each brought something special into my life. Brittany was such a willing, eager cheerleader and was always smiling. I am really going to miss her.

We need to all remember to keep the family in our prayers and not forget about their loss, and keep up the support over the years.

Lots of love,
Coach Suzanne

From: tanya nicole luxenburg
City_State: san diego, california
Date: May 10, 2005
Time: 03:58 PM


JULY 27TH 1989-APRIL 24TH 2005


i miss you more than you will ever know. and boy how i love you so. this has been by far the hardest death i have been forced to endure...even harder than my extended family dying and my god mom...last week i went to the spot that you died. i sat there for 30 minutes balling my eyes out crying. i wrote you a card and left a boquet of flowers on your memorial thing. the next day i went back to RB pay my respects for you at your memorial there. i wrote on the ground with chalk and tried to comfort my peers that are trying to cope with the same grief as myself.

hannah and i went in front of your old locker and looked at the beautiful pictures left up of you and held each other and cried. we rememberd how we used to fly you back in cheerleading. i'll never forget when you broke your ankle and you told everyone hannah and i did it...even tho it wasn't quite our fault. i'll never forget you flame cell phone cover 2 and a half years ago at our national cheer competition..and then your most current hott pink star one.

i will never forget homecoming and how much fun we had freakdancing together. or the week of homecoming when i brought that funky skirt to school and you ran around in it having soo much fun.

your candle light ceremony was extremely hard hour and a half of tears shed once again...but it was somewhat comforting to be with everyone that knows and loves you as much as myself and be able to laugh about the good times we had with you. CHEERLEADER BALL!!! haha never forget that..throwing you around at tutorial. remember when it rained??? when it was pouring down and we all jumped in puddles and i wore eugenia's sweatshirt because i was sooo damn wet..but i ended up getting that soaked too.

i love you baby...soooo much. and i regret not being able to see you during those 2 months that i've been gone from RB high. yesturday was soo hard at your viewing. all of us cried baby..we all miss you soo much. just seeing you lying there was heartbreaking. and to see your mom and dad, just tore me up inside

*we will always love you*and that my darling is a promise

From: Dylan Mial
City_State: Lakeside, California
Date: May 10, 2005
Time: 03:38 PM

Wow! I just recently found out that Brittany had passed away and i was in udder shock.

I went to Blossom Valley Elementary School with Brittany and i remember Brittany all to well. I remember laughing with her, gossiping with her, and even a few nit picks we had as little elementary school kids, but as long as i got to know her in the end it was well worth it.

Brittany is beautyful and has a beautyful heart and soul and i can see why god truely wanted an angel like that with her in heaven. Brittany will ALWAYS be in my heart and mind.

From: cory keiper
City_State: johnson city new york
Date: May 10, 2005
Time: 12:49 PM

i am so sorry

brittany will watch over us when you are up in heaven

i will keep you in my prayers

From: Kelley Beauchamp Amos
Date: May 10, 2005
Time: 12:24 PM

I was saddened to read of the passing of a 15 year old young woman in the paper 4/30/05. As I read on I realized I new the names of the family left behind. I met your beautiful extended family at Giavanna's birthday party. My son Miles Amos is Gia's classmate & we were party guests.

Star, Greg & all of Brittany's family I truly am sorry. From everything I've seen & read Brittany was loved by so many. I hope you all continue to comfort & love each other during this emotional time. May God Bless you all.

Love, Kelley Beauchamp Amos & Miles Joseph Amos